Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunday and more day 9

Last in today (that's MY today in the UK) is Laura. She said this -
I couldn't tear myself away from my doily! Sorry! I hope I did this right. "

Now next in is Jane who says this -
"Well as you can see I have managed to catch up. My last SR was a bit stressful as I had a job to pull it closed with the LBP and was worried the thread would break at this late stage. I am not even going to try and guess any more….I know one thing….. There is no way I could have tackled a project of this complexity without the help of everyone else sharing their experience of it."

Pam has now followed Pamela into my inbox!!!! This is here idea of what it is -
"Day 9 is definitely an arm and a hand. So I guess it's a person of some sort. Is it going to be a Southern Bell?"

Pamela's only a day behind but she's been peeking ahead from what she says -
"Here is my Day 8 behind again didn't get it posted in time, still flummoxed, looks like little Red Riding Hood! Day 9 looks like and arm and hand with 5 fingers, has to be a lady! but what are the rings on the outer edges of the skirt for!"

Marie's is next with her guess -

"Well, here "she" is. I guess it is a she..??"

Here's Adrian's day 9 now. He says this -
"The new bit looks remarkably like a hand to me..."

Nita sent in her day 9 too and here it is -

Teresa is first this morning with her day 9 -

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