Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thursday's finished pieces

Gina's is next. Gina is one of Riet's group so the message from her has been translated by Riet.
"Gina mailed me her "zorgen"kind. How must I explane that. Zorgen is taking care that is a verb , but you aslso can have "zorgen" about a child the wordbook sais problem child."
I assume that poor Gina had a few problems with her 'child'. Well done for finishing her, Gina.

Karin has just sent her finished piece in and says -
"I had fallen back quite a bit, but today I could take the time and catch up from day 7. Here's the result."

Jon has finished her TIAS and has blogged about it here. I've sent her the bonus - as punishment - ROFL!!!

Here's JeanneZ's lady. This is what she said!
"Here she is. Boy did I have that one guessed wrong."

Back home again and a few more have popped into the inbox. Here is Bonnie's lady and I LOVE the green hair!!! "
I was envious of all the lovely ladies that you've been showing, so I said forget the housework I had to get her finished that night. :-) I was so far behind that I had to start way back on day 8."

Margaret sent hers in (last this morning before I go out!) and she said -
"What fun! I loved all the techniques, especially learning the new and improved josephine knot. These girls remind me of the pocket dolls my great grandmother used to make for me to play with in church and other places where I needed to play quietly. Making these girls brought back lovely memories. I am so excited to see the bonus pattern as you continue to outdo yourself!"

Wendy's is next and says -
Now what am I going to do? Thanks for the fun of the TIAS"

aren sent hers in saying -
"She is adorable! I think I got the arms all wrong, but not too bad for a first tatting. I started to put white hair on her so it would be me! :) LOL"

Lynda's is next in my inbox and she said -
"I really enjoyed the project."

Karen has not only made her lady but she has learnt lots of skills too - not just tatting ones! Here's what she says -

"Attached is my Lady. Thank you for making this available to us. It has been so much fun and I learned the new way to make the JK. It also is the first time I have tat with a button and you had wonderful instructions for everything. I saw Jeff's and liked his so copied his idea for her hair. This has been a fun project and I'm looking forward to another. I am also having to learn how to put my pictures on the computer. See. You're teaching more than tatting stitches!"

Sunela sent hers in next and said the following.

"have to say that my lady is looking a little weak. I made two mistakes but continued with it. One was the join to the correct hole on the button and the other was the one bead join. Never made the picot long enough. I have to say that I learned quite a bit of techniques and thank you to you for that. Loved the use of beads even though I had some trouble. The choice of my colors are so horrible."

Suzanne's is next - do look at her curly hair!!! Suzanne has given hers a name too and this is what she says -
"Allow me to introduce Ellie May. She is little overdressed for chasing cattle, but that is what she is going to have to do (that, or feed the pigs; her choice)."

Sharon sent her lady in (with hair in pigtails) and said -

"I did get her done today. Thanks for all of the hard work. I really enjoy the TIAS."

First this morning is from Lynne who sent hers beautifully mounted -

"It's lovely and I was right about the lady, well sort of!!!!"

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