Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Guesses and when they were submitted!

This is a record of the guesses as they came in. It's interesting to see when and who was right!!!

Tine wrote just before Day 6 went out and said the following. She was the first to guess right although Jeff thought it was an angel on the same day.

"Hallo Jane. Are we making a woman? The Josefine rings are feeths. The part with the beads the skirt. The bead is than the breast. Groetjes Tine"

After day 6 Karen from Woodbridge VA said –

"Today I think it looks even more like a bell shape, but I keep noticing that there are still two unused button holes on that button on the this could just as easily be a full skirt on a ladies gown."

Wally wrote before she'd seen day 6 and said -
"Hmm... This is looking like a ballerina or something like that. "

After day 7 Wally said this –
"See? I knew it was going to mirror the other side. I keep saying will be a Southern Belle or something like that! Will we be adding now the 3rd color? Should it be flesh color? lol I didn't forget that you said 3 shuttles with 3 colors. And the bonus will be the pattern for the groom. lol"

Again on looking at day 8 Zarina said –
"I think I know what it is - a lady in the old fashion dress that they wear with a whale bone fitting underneath to give that big bell shape. The give away (if I'm right) is the third color need to be natural, beige, or pink for the skin..."

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