Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tuesday and more coming in!!

Marco has just sent in days 5, 6 and 7. She says -
"still i have not really a clue yet, i know what tine thinks hihi,"

The next message is from Adrian who said -
I saw this had started just before I went off on holiday, and thought it'd be ideal to while away the rainy evenings. Unfortunately, the only beads I had would just about fit a 20 thread through, not a chance of putting them on a picot! Now I'm back, I've been able to order some new beads and I've caught up to Day 7. Here's my effort. I'm not even going to *try* to guess what this will turn into!"

Carol has just sent in her progress up to day 5. She said -
"My TIAS sample up to Day 5. I must say I love tatting but usually find my own way around a pattern, I am not sure if I have managed to follow yours correctly but I have had fun trying. I am off to catch up on day 6 & 7 now thanks for all your hints and tips."

Gale Marshall says the following which is very funny!!
I just looked at the newest version of the TIAS....... now I think it Marilyn Monroe holding down the edges of her dress...... her eyes popping out (the top 2 holes in the button)

Kristina's TIAS isn't working out as well as she hoped but look at the beaded giraffe in her picture. Kristina says -
"My guess was right, those beads are too large for this pattern. My piece won't lay flat so it won't fit in the scanner anymore. My flying bat has escaped to my kitchen window for now. As a bonus you get to see the wonderful giraffe Hanna beaded for me. :) "

Marie was also in my inbox this morning with this -
"I finished the tatting fast, but just got it scanned. Now I have no idea what it is. But we are having fun!"

Teresa has sent in her day 7 but she had a few problems with it -
"I did have to completely re-tat through Day 7 release as I got in a hurry and pulled too hard on the core thread as I was trying to close the last ring. So I finally did get the method done for Josephine Rings ... just need to work a bit more on preventing too much twist."

Another from BJ who has now caught up -
DH keeps saying, "It is a seal, balancing a ball!" I think it is intriging how we see different things. "

Here is Wally's day 7 but her remarks are not publishable!!! Only because she's close, too close for comfort!!!!

First in today is from Bev with her day 6 -
"I've decided it IS a person on a wheeled vehicle, but we've been looking wrong at the perspective. The little rings with 3 beads on each end are the handle bars - I think when we see Day 7 that it will, in some way connect on the right side of my picture here - and will 'bridge' down to the other handle bar!
So, I'm on record now. Cycle rider. Could it be BobtheBike?"

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