Monday, 2 June 2008

The dawn of Day 7

Last one tonight - I'm going to turn off the laptop now. The last message came in from June. She said -
Of course, IF it is a crinoline lady, what I think is the face could be a body!!"

Jane has now sent her scan in and says -

Nita and I appear to have used very similar colours, great minds think alike! Having got this far I am still none the wiser unless it is an angel.

Elizabeth says this -
"At first I though maybe it was some sort of sailboat but sailboats do not have wheels on the bottom. No guesses yet."

Now we have Pam in the UK and she's now a lot happier!!!
"Phew! Jane, What a relief to get rid of those pesky safety pins. Well, here is my offering for day 7. Sorry forgot to scan day 6. I think it is going to be a Bell with a Bow on top. That's going to be the third colour. Bring on day 8"

Next in is Tine's. She can't wait until the next part!!!

Ellen sent me an email to say she's finished her day 7 BUT her battery ran out in her camera!! Here's a link to her blog and day 6.

Nita is next and she says -
"And the plot thickens by the daring queen of TIAS. who knows what lurks in that mind. Maybe a doll??? or a Bell?? Only the "Shadow" knows. :))"

Katie has sent hers in too. She says -

"here are my three, looking like turtles swollen with bling and trying to balance a roly-poly button on their backs."

Laura has just sent her day 7 in and she says -
"Okay. If I turn it this way, it reminds me of Jon's Moon Kite - or a fish. Maybe a flounder since both eyes are on one side. Or, it could be a sting ray. At least I have some guesses now! It all depends on how many more days we have!"

Babette - you are SO funny. I've got to share this guess!!!
I now KNOW exactly what the TIAS is – it came to me in a dream. It’s one of those bow ties that the office slug always wears to the works Christmas party. The bonus you will be posting is the wiring diagram to hook it up to a battery so that it will flash and spin. Must go now, the nurse has come with my medication"

June has just written to say this -
"I haven't really got a clue what we are tatting this time! The only thing it looks like to me at the moment is a crinoline lady - but I dont like her face!!!"
Well, we'll keep tatting and see.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I fear for Marjan! Her guesses are getting funnier and funnier. Here's today's. Remember - hers is called GiGi!!!
Gigi was flabbergasted! She was right - she had her doubts too you see, but yes! it is a upside-down cow.
To make sure of it I've turned her around and yes, yes! We (GiGi and I) are so proud of ourselfs that we've solved the mistery.
It is a turned-around-upside-down-cow and a lovely one too, she weares earrings, very fancy indeed!

Just gone eight o'clock in the morning and day 7 has been 'launched'!!
I found this suggestion in my box this morning from Ginny - "Is it a Fly????????"
Later in the morning she's back again with her latest day done and suggesting it's a
dragon fly!!!

Jenny asks -
"could it possibly be a lady in a ballgown? or as my granddaughter would say a dancing princess?"

Maureen sent in a picture before lunchtime of her day 7 with a very close guess!!!!! Or is it?!?!?
"It was quite fiddly, joining all those beaded picots, there was almost a disaster, but it was averted at the last minute. It looks like a teletubbie, that's what it is - a little, fat waddling teletubbie. (You can tell I am spending time with my 4-yr old grandson.....)

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Paul Sears Photography said...

These are so cute - and I just love how you've opened it up for interpretation. I'm the same way with my photography, I like to leave the photos untitled and let people make their own conclusions. It's just amazing what people will see if you don't tell them what they're "supposed to be seeing."