Saturday, 14 June 2008

Saturday and the sun is shining!

Last in today (well last before I turn off the computer) is Rita who says -
"I enjoyed doing both of the projects, however I waited until the first one was complete before I did it so I thought I would follow along and do this one as it came up. I think this is a great idea and you are definitely one of the Queens of the tatting world. You contribute so much for everyone. Going forward I will probably wait until the projects are complete before I tat them. I like it better that way, however I know lots of people around me are enjoying the step by step and getting great pleasure from it."

Barbara has sent her completed TIAS in and she says -
"Here is a picture of completed tatting project. It kept me guessing up till the end."

Next is from Jane in Zimbabwe who said -

"Hmmm, my lady looks so scruffy I'm reluctant to send a picture of her! If I had time, I'd have another go. I think the problem is that the beads I used were much too big for the size of the thread.Not a great picture either. Oh well, I have completed her, I have learnt a lot, it was interesting to work with beads and paper clips and what not. Extended the possiblitlies no end. Thanks very much for the great project, I'm glad I was able to participate, even if the results are less than perfect!!"

The sun is actually shining this morning and more TIAS's have arrived.
First is from Wendy who is very busy at the moment. She said - " I managed to finish her."

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