Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday and more!!!!

First in this morning and at number sixty one is Margaretha who says:-

61. "Hi Jane! Here is the finished pram I really loved doing it thank you somuch for the pattern and your time, you are the best!

Cheers Margaretha"

Next in is Heather with her days 10 and 11. She says:-

62.  "Hi Jane. I finally got to day 9 & 10. I have been working on a baby set, how ironic that it is a baby stroller. I had to get the set done the baby is due very soon , I think I will give them the stroller too! Thanks again for all your hard work with the TIAS. Heather"

Now I have a starter and finisher all in one!!! It's my friend Donna from America. She says:-
63. "OK....I just have 1 but I did finish it. YEAH!
THANKS for doing the TIAS's. I need to join in the fun more often. Mine is done in Lizbeth thread in a purple variety.
I really enjoyed doing the many techniques. I will confess that the first week I had to go to the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting and get Pam F. to refresh my memory on how to do a split chain, Marie's method. (Marie was there, too, but I was sitting next to Pam.) Thanks for the page of notes for the Catherine Wheel Join. That was fun to learn. It also helped that Jeff, my dear husband, kept encouraging me to keep going and finish it. He would let me know when the next pattern page was ready. It does look like a lovely Pram (or Baby Bugger or Stroller.) But, for some reason, I think mine looks like a poodle on a skateboard. LOL
Take Care!
Donna T. from South Carolina, USA"

Next in on this dreary grey (outside!) morning is from Frances from 'down under' who says:-
64. "Good Morning Jane,
Here is my final picture of your delightful pram. It was fun to participate in the game this year. You have created another useful item for your collection of designs.
My pram was tatted in HDT by Jess, size 20 Queen Anthias and coats size20 lilac.
Thank you for all your hard work, I really enjoyed the game.
Tatting down under
Warwick Queensland Australia"

The final one in my inbox this morning at the moment is from Surya who says this:-
65. "Hello Jane,
It says something about the state of my memory that when I read clue 10, I thought "Contrasting colour? What contrasting colour?" Obviously, I did not do a good job remembering the intro. After scrounging through the stash, I did finally finish, and even managed to try a new technique (blip-less joins to attach the wheels and handles to the body).
I'm sending you a sunshine-y pram to join your lovely fleet, with many thanks for a fun few weeks of tatting.
This pram comes from Malaysia, and it is made of DMC cebelia 20."

Now I have Rebecca's finished pram with her comment and picture:-
66. "Good Morning Jane,
I was finally able to finish my homework. The colors I used are both Lisbeth. The varigated is #131 - Vinyard Harvest and the solid is #656 - Dark Wedgewood.
Thank you so much for organizing the TIAS. It provides a fun and welcome diversion in the middle of a long, cold winter.
Michigan, USA" 

Ann-Sofie is next in my inbox with her completed TIAS. She says:-
67. "Hallo Jane,
This has been great fun and I am looking forward to the next TIAS. Thank you so much for all your work.

This is GREAT. I have another new tatter who has sent me her completed pram. This is Dahee. A big welcome to you, Dahee. This is her comment and picture:-
68. "Dear Jane 
I'm Korean tatter.
I tried TIAS 2013 last 10days.
It finally done:)
How cute!
Thank-you for fantasic pattern. It was really fun tatting.
I'm Korean, lived in Seoul, Korea.
I used Lizbeth #40 104 and Olypus#40 55.
Best Wishes,
Dahee Hyun" 

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