Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thursday - 91 and more

First in today is from Denise who says:-=
91. "This was another fun TIAS. I'm glad you run these every year. I learned lots in this one as well. It took me a few days longer to finish because the two new puppies have taken up lots of my craft time. 
Here is my finished pram. And a photo of the two pups: Walnut and Fig. They love curling up in this tiny bed together
--Denise from Texas"

Next in is Martha's finished pram. She says:-
92. "I did eventually finish the TIAS a week or so ago. My colors aren't very babyish, but if you tell us which colors to use, then we might guess the answer too soon, and there wouldn't be all the lovely variety in everyone's samples."

Next to drop in is Katharine who has been playing at waiting to be number 100!!! This is what she says:-
93. "Hi Jane,
I hope all is well. Finally, here is my TIAS. I was holding out to hopefully be the 100th entry. I guess I should have checked the TIAS website first to see where the count was. Oh well."

Now I have Helen's finished pram and she says:-
94. "Hello Jane,
It took me a bit longer then expected, that was because I got the flu. I am better now and here is my pram. I am from the Netherlands by the way. I don't have suggestions for the next TIAS, I think it went all very smoothly. Thanks again for all you hard work, I enjoyed it tremendously.
Greetings Helen" 

Betty's pram has just arrived and this makes us up to 95. She says:-
95. "Dear Jane and Dear Riet,
I loved it to follow the TIAS. 
My husband already said it will be a perambulator on day 7 (in Dutch een
I send you a photo of the result. 
Thank you for the Tias and I look forward to the next one. 
Greetings from
Betty Vos- den Blanken

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