Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday and things have slowed down!!!

First of all - tomorrow will be Day 8 followed on MONDAY (shorter gap here) by Day 9.

Today the first person into my inbox is Karla who is seemingly confused still!!!!

"I'm still not quite sure what it is... I choose to withhold a guess until further notice...


Okay, so a flower basket, or maybe... not sure haha =)-- 

From My Secret Underground Bunker in Switzerland"

Next in is Margaretha with her day 7 too. She says:-
"Hi Jane! Here is day's 6 @ 7 I have only just got our power on as we were3 days without so I did the two days at the same time! 
Cheers Margaretha"

Now Sheila is back with her day 7 and comment:-
"Hi Jane: Here is the latest picture. I find I am trying so many new things that I started another one for the practice. Now I'm on #3. I'm going to keep these instructions so that I can use it to hone my skills occasionally as it has many intricate spots in a very small area! Whatever it turns out to be, my friends will be receiving them in due course.My guess is that it is a baby buggy and the two vsp's on the bottom are where the single coloured thread will be used to attach wheels! Wonder how close I am!! Still enjoying it very much. You certainly have the attention of tatters around the world - and the gratitude.
Cheers from

Grace has just popped into my inbox and she says:-

"Hi, Jane,

Here's my Day 7. Straightforward rings and split rings — except that I'm running out of thread on Shuttle 2, so I decided to save thread by doing the split rings as SSSRs. I ran into trouble on SR35, but I dug myself out again — I remembered your "Split ring hiding second thread — to replace Dora Young knot". I am glad you put that technique into writing, "just in case"! Anyway, it's done, but don't look too closely... :-) Guesses? I can't come up with anything that convinces me at this stage. There's some mysterious meaning in the symmetry of the device on top of the basket... Anyway, I will throw out a couple of wild guesses — a baby basket? a balaclava? a bonnet (the hat type)?

Nearly lunchtime and now Cindy has arrived. I'm glad I'm not living in your 'neck of the woods', Cindy:-

"Good Morning from dangerously cold Minnesota! We have a -15 F temperature, and with a slight wind that becomes a -30 F wind chill (feels like) temperature. Watermains break and cars don't start in this bitter weather. And some of us get up early - I'm up early today tatting my TIAS Day 7. (I'll have you know I'm tatting at 5:00 AM!) And I STILL do not have a clue what this is. My creative brain has become frozen in time with Day 1 :)

Photo attached - stay warm!

Now I have Margaret's day 7 and she's trying all sorts of ways to help her guess. She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my TIAS after day 7
I thought scanning them any old how might spark off a new idea, but I can still only see a baby pram or moses basket. Keep up the good work Jane."

Next in is Helene who says:-
"Hi Jane,Finally found the time to get day seven done....fiou and just before day 8. I still don't know what it is we are tatting. But, I am rooting for the baby pram. We have a new addition to our family of friends. A beautiful baby boy was born on the 30th, so, if this is a baby carriage, it will turn up on a congrats card that I will make for his parents. Soooo, is it a pram????
Have a good day.
Hélène, Québec" 
It could be, Helene, but maybe it's not!!!!

Poor Mary hasn't had a good time this week - here's what she says:-
"Hello Jane I have just caught up after an horrid week. Aren't there some wonderful threads on the market now, when I first started to tat it was ecru, off white, more off white and white, which looked off white when I had finished with it.
Enjoy the weekend.

Next in is Evelyne who says:-
"Bonsoir Jane, 
Jour 7 !!! Toujours le grand mystère pour moi !....
Which, when translated to English is
Hi Jane, Day 7! Still a great mystery to me! ...." 

Now I have Axa's day 7 and her comment:-
"Dear Jane, it is my day 7 of TIAS. I thought that it will be a flower basket, but now I see a baby, or a lady head in bonnet. What do you think? I am waiting for next day

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