Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday - again!

Today I'm proud to add Clare's pram. She doesn't live that far away from me - roughly twenty miles away in Banbury. You'll have heard of Banbury. Remember the nursery rhyme 'Ride a Cock Horse? Here's a link for you.  Here's what she says.
105. "Hi Jane
Just finished the pram last night - I have been out a lot today but managed to get it tidied up - I struggle with the ends and did try hiding them in the rings but couldn't manage. Anyway how I get over that is to put whatever I have made into a water and craft glue mix to set it then I cut off the ends! I have tried sowing them in but this works for me.
I now need to find another project to start this evening so will be looking at your patter website, I don't do a lot at a time but it is good to have something to fiddle with.
Thank you for this pattern I learned a lot more and have got really confident with my split rings, but still need to do work on the Catherine wheel join, but am not too bad at the split chain now. Being left handed it is a question of learning how and then finding the easiest way to adapt it to left handedness.
I will keep in touch.
All the best
Clare (from Banbury)"

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