Tuesday, 5 January 2010

We're off!!!!

First one in is Katie Verna from North (if brain cell number 3 is remembering rightly) Carolina.  Here's what she says:-

"Here's my day one that needs to be edited!  Didn't read directions; just looked at the pic!!  So I'll go back and add the 16 st chain to SR 4.    Other booboo I made was to attach Ring 1 to Ring 5 upside down.  Good grief, nothing like watching what you're doing.  ;)  So opened the ring and fixed that.  Have to run to care for my grands, but I'm gonna make another one too in a different color combo.  These threads are Marilee Rockley's Rubarb pie and the solid red to match."


Beelizabeth said...

Ummm Help! I would love to fully participate in this TIAS, but I'm in the Western United States and 6 to 8 hours behind Britain. I got up and checked for the first part of this project and I'm seeing several pics of the day's section completed. I really don't think you can do anything to help, but I had hoped to try to do this without seeing the finished section until I had done mine. I don't want to spoil the fun for for those who can get theirs done so don't fret trying to figure out what to do- I'll figure something out.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Beelizabeth. If you visit this blog you'll find the links there too!!
I'll go and add today's now (I forgot!) or if you email me on lovetotat @ gmail.com I'll help you out!!!! We'll make sure that you don't get left behind!!!