Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday - 1st post of the day!

First in the inbox is from Elizabeth who has got a perfect example of day 6.  Here's what she says:-
"I think it is my brain that is twisted.  I think the bead ring is on the right side now but the chain is wrong.

Anyway, I am going to redo this part.  Maybe I need to tat me some brain cells..."
From what I can see, Elizabeth the chain looks fine.  It should be dark blue and facing that way.

Next is Caroline who doesn't have a lot to say but who has sent in a perfect day 6:-
"It has been quiet here today.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring."

Next is from Shanan who again has a perfect day 6.  She says:-
"Hmmmm, still looks like the head and neck of a pony to me....."

Now we have Patsy's day 6 and she says:-
"Here is days 5 & 6. Just a little behind,  but not much.  Friday and to celebrate my birthday, yesterday I had my bobbin lacers over and today I watched my football team loose their chance at  the Super Bowl.  Darn! ! !

Tried to tat and watch the game.  Ended up doing a lot of reverse tatting. Maybe I should have tatted my TIAS in blue and gold (the team colors) and that might have helped them win.  LOL"

Now we have Mary's day 6 and she says:-
"Well finally had the time to get day 5 and 6 done.  I was busy planting my burford hollies and Camellia bushes before the rains came."

Here's the one you've been waiting for.  Martha's latest guess!!!
"This is obviously a buzzard with a bath mat.  (((Shh...I am actually beginning to see a bird with different colored back and belly (the part so far) and a long fring-ey tail.  )))"

Well done, Martha.  It IS a buzzard with a bath mat - I thought it was obvious from the start!!!!!!

Next is from Kika who says:-
"DAY 6... After some problems, success!"

Now we have another perfect day 6 from IsDihara who says:-
" Didn't get to print out Day 6 instructions until 8:00 p.m. (a full 12 hours later than usual - imagine my frustration) Just finished Day 6 so my frustration is now being replaced with anticipation for Day 7.

 I can't believe that we're half way through and I still have no idea what the end result will be. Horses head with mane? Ice cream cone with four fingers wrapped around the cone? Could those tantalizing open chains become some sort of Celtic-style weaving? Oh the possibilities!"

Now Terri's come up with a good guess and the picture to match!!!  She says:-
"Well, I had a couple of days of TIAS tatting to catch up on so I just finished Day 6.  Even though it's an awfully pretty design, I think it may very well be an anteater looking in the ground for food. Am I close?  I have had so much fun switching back and forth between threads, rings & split rings, doing the shuttle switches and now adding beads!! This has been a blast.  I can't wait to see what it turns out to be."

Next is from Margaretha who's previous attempts to send this seem to have got lost in cyberspace.  Good that it finally arrived.  Here's what she said:-
"Well here is 4 and 5  I know it is a bit of a small picture but I think that you can get the general idea!!!!!! I did send this post earlier but I don’t know if you had received it."

Deanna has sent in this comment on looking further at other people's results:-
"Was just looking at all the TIAS from Day 6 and that bead made me think of a circus.  Maybe a circus clown or someone or something twirling  a ball in the air....Just some more guesses.  Looking forward to Day 7."

OOOOoh, another message from Marjan.  Not much help, though!!!
"hihihihihi....... on your last TIAS day I will reveal the identity of the Wothi.... it is so simple....."

Next is from Denise who says this which is a good point!!!  
"Well I've never tatted with a bead, so this will be interesting. I tried trimming my threads and wasn't paying attention and nearly clipped the wrong thread. I felt like I was one of those bomb dismantlers on an action television show, "Clip the red cable…no no ! I mean the white cable!""

Next in is Melanie's day 6 and she says:-
"Here's my guess:  a flower in a pot (bead being the bud) to help us think of spring! But, perhaps that's because of my color choice and my recent chore of planning the herb garden for later this year!"

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