Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day 9 - out NOW

Here's day 9 with just two more to go!!!  

Please just check before you go on that you DID join the last part of the last chain to ring 4 on the top of the (dare I say it?) wing!!!!
Here is where I mean - see the highlighted part of that chain.

Ch: 5 Lj (vsp last Ch above join btwn R12 & R18) 1 + (p above R4 – holding it on to p of the Lp’s) 6  Lj  (1st vsp last Ch) RW SS

Thank you to everybody who reassured me yesterday that they were managing TIAS.  It was SUCH a relief.


Icela said...

Jane can you show a picture of what you are talking about.

Jane Eborall said...

I suggest you go back to day 8 and see that last red chain!!!! In the middle of it you have to join to the picot above ring 4 on the main part of the pattern. Hope that helps. Also you could look at what the others have done today!!!

Icela said...

thanks Jane, I don't know where my mind is today...LOL I was thinking ring 4 was some other ring out in space...ROFLOL

I was doing it right until I saw Martha's and I got all mixed up...ROFLOL