Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursday morning.

First in this morning is from Brenda who says:-
"Here is my day 7. Hope it is alright. Sorry about the scan. Don't know why it is scanning dark just where my work is."

Next is from Caroline who says this:-
"Some how my download for my camera isn't working and I don't know where my daughter put the CD to load it again so I have resorted to my scanner.  I don't use it much so hope it comes through ok."

I have a complaint now from Kika!!!  Sorry, Kika - things will speed up from now on!!  Here's what she says:-
"DAY 7. Too little to do, more hunger for what is next."

Next is from Joanie.  This is what she has to say!!!
"DH and I are guessing that THE Col. Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken) really knows his chickens and also since we live in SC, we figured that the USC Mascot perhaps had given you the idea for this TIAS while you were at Tat Days?!? We are guessing that this would be a cockerel or a chanticleer if one uses the proper English term!"
Anyone care for a chicken tender?"

Now we have a story from Sue. A sad one but with a happy ending:-
"As we turned out of a gas station this afternoon, one of the Wothi twins went flying out the open window from her perch on the dashboard.  I didn't know they had wings!  So did I, as DH clapped on the anchors and I flew out the door after her.  Fortunately, we were in a fifth, center lane and with very little traffic, so I was able to get out and back into the camper in relative safety.  Wothi was shaken and repentant."
Later I got her picture and another message!!!
"The flying Wothi in Texas...a bit like a semi-headless chicken! The SLT shows up nicely, but do I have my color change where it belongs? Twin to follow as soon as she catches up. Her solid colors are reversed. That's how I know she's a fraternal twin, you see. "

Later in my inbox this came in from Sue too:-
"...has caught up, and I believe she is more correct than her sister. As you can see, I had to copy the last 2 days instructions & diagrams in order to work on the road. Too bad I didn't follow them better the first time! The sleeping bag calls. It feels grand to be caught up & ready for Day 8!"

Now we  have Bev L's day 7 and she says:-
"Here is my assignment(s). Sorry it isn't as "sharp" as I am ;) It has been fun.  Where is this little guy's legs?  surely next. "

Finally in this morning's batch of messages and pictures is Martha's.  This is her comment and here is her picture:-
"This is obviously going to be a bantam rooster, the ones with the fancy tails."

A note in from Marjan about the Wothi:-
"Let the world know that the Wothi's Unite!  As fostermother of the Wothi you should walk with a smile on your face, with a happy hart and as we say in Dutch,
you should walk beside your shoes of pride!  
Little bit cold now, I know......but it is the thought that counts!  
Oke Jane, I am going to make a late breakfast for Wothi, poor little thing is hungry!  Have a nice day and see you on day 8 of Wothi's appearance!"

Next in is from Hannah who sends in her day 7.

Next in is from Alba who says:-
"I have been looking for an image of a WOTHI, but cannot find any. 
Here is my day 7. I think that we are making it wrong, because I think that the chains should be made with the other color, if I understand the SS means "swith shuttles", which I did not do."

That looks fine to me, Alba.  Well done.

Last in today is from Catriona who says:-
"just took a quick few min here 2 catch up .. i was confused at the end of day 6 but i think i got it now ... "


Denise said...

Oh no! Lol now that I see all these good guesses, I want his tail to be a different color. And the bead is really much too large. I'll have to fix that or his eye won't even fit inside his head!

battatter said...

oooh it looks like the bird in Up.. the movie...!!