Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tuesday and more coming in

First of all - day 9 will be tomorrow.

The first one into my inbox overnight is Kathy who says:-
"Dear Jane 
Well, the question about whether my button was too large has now been answered and that answer is YES. I had to take liberties with your lock chain to make it fit around my fat button. Even then I wet my work and tried to stretch it. It reminds me of when I try to squeeze into my jeans :>) 
I was beginning to think this is a bow-legged cowboy, but your last “leg” to the TIAS proved that wrong. Rest easy my fair tatters, you are not alone on the misadventures of not reading a pattern. I did not do a lock join on one of the legs and by the time I noticed, I didn’t want to take out that much work to correct it. SO, now that I’ve drawn attention to it, it screams at you, doesn’t it? Looking at my picture I wonder if I’ve even completed Day 8. I must go check. Well, I still say it’s a crab. 
Jane, don’t feel badly, it’s gloomy and dreary here in Tennessee too. 

A comment only has just come in from Rhonda who says:-
"It's a lobster! At least, that's what came to mind the minute I saw the results of people's day 8 tatting. The slightly curved shape of the first two segments is the one thing that has made me think it isn't a rabbit. 
I and my friend are still on day 5 -- last week was the beginning of Spring semester so I've been swamped in writing syllabi and herding students, so I'm a bit behind. 
Still tatting along, 
Rhonda in Denver"
Thanks for your comment, Rhonda.

Now I have Grace with her days 6, 7 and 8 along with her comment which is:-
"Hi Jane, Grace C here. was a bit busy to send in 6 and 7 so here they all are. Have no idea what this is after I tatted day 8. 
Maybe it is a wrench or a pair of scissors."

Time for breakfast - back in a bit!!!

Mistene is the next to arrive with her days 4 to 8!!! She says:-
"Dear Jane, 
Life got in the way so I couldn't get back to this fun project until tonight, but I didn't cheat! Did each day before I looked at the next day's instructions. I thought it might be a fish, but after Day 8, not so much! 
I didn't do the lock chains right but was consistently wrong so there's that. Funny, I love doing split rings but my hands just refused to make that second stitch right in the LCh. Maybe because I was holding the thread differently than I do while making SRs. It's a mystery, just like this little thingamajiggy we're making! 
--Mistene in Kentucky who loves to tat and hopes she doesn't get behind again."

Now Lyn has arrived all the way from Australia with her day 8. Her comment is:-
"Good morning Jane, 
Here is my day 8, that I forgot to send in yesterday. 
Well it is 1pm and 35.8*c here so I am inside tatting ! Any excuse is a good excuse ! 
Lyn West Aust"

Martha is next with her day 8 and she says:-
"So, here's another day. I am much relieved that it is now looking less like a pulled tooth. A new guess? How about a big letter X, and later you will give us an O, so we can make hugs and kisses. 

Finally this morning Catrin has sent in her day 8 along with days 1 - 7. Welcome to the TIAS.

This afternoon I have Lindy with her days 6, 7 and 8 and who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Last weekend I didn't have enough time for taking a reasonable picture and sending an email, but of course I made some time to tat!
Still have no idea what it is going to be, may be tomorrow we'll have a better clue? Looking forward to it.

Patricia is next to arrive in my inbox with this comment:-
"honestly don't have a clue!! I'm just being silly with my "guess." Has anyone come close with their guess yet Jane? Excitedly waiting to see what comes next!! Muskogee, Oklahoma -- Lizbeth size 20, #643. 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Sharon is now back with her comment and picture. She says:-
"Hi Jane, 
I forgot to include the picture last time, don't know what day it was. Here is my--thru day 8 picture. No idea what it is but, I am learning to recognize my mistakes which means I am getting more proficient as a tater. 
I forgot to do the last picot and 3 before I closed on 17 and I looks like I twisted my hair when I joined to 9, I think it is. What do you think? 
I was wondering if everyone on this is shuttle tatting. I recently learned needle tatting, just not as much fun and not old school tatting. 
Sharon in Va. Also skispinner on Rav"

Julie has now sent in her day 8 along with her comment too:-
"I have just realised that I didn't send you my day 8 !!!" 

Next to arrive is Stephanie who is still puzzled!! She says:-
"hi Jane! 
Here's my Day 8. 
Ok, I confess....I'm stumped. Much as I love thinking of really crazy things it could be....outrageously crazy things....I haven't a clue this time. COULD it be a bunny? But there are no beads....so it's not likely... unless he has his eyes closed... A starfish with a missing leg? (I can see where a 4th leg COULD go, but no space for a 5th one.) DH asked me if I was tatting a lobster....looked like a big claw to him. 
Waiting for Day 9. Maybe another 'clue' will shed some light on this whatsis. 
Have a terrific week! 

Wendy has just sent in her day 8 with this comment:-
"All I can think of is a wonky star fish 
Well, Wendy, I'm trying to work out what a wonky star fish would look like!!!

Monday, 26 January 2015

More day 8 and others

Good morning happy tatters!! Least I hope you're all happy.

First in this dull, grey morning here in England is Claire who sends in her days 6. 7 and 8 with this comment:-
"Hello Jane and tatters all around the world, 
Here are the pictures of my days 6, 7 and 8, as well as the corresponding blog post
Hubby thinks it is an alligator, but I think Maureen will finally have her rabbit. 
Have a nice week! 

Next to arrive is Sherry with this comment and picture. Just LOVE those shuttles.
"It could still be a bunny otherwise I am at a loss...how about a pinwheel? So lost...so lost....so lost...."Sherlock, the plot thickens" says Watson. Sherlock responds with " Elementary Watson...the truth of the mystery will be revealed...must have patience". Watson shakes his head. 
Wind To Thy Wings, 
New York, US of America 
Nata 616"

Carol is next with her day 8 and she sounds puzzled!!
"Dear Jane: 
I'm baffled ... 
Stitches of Life II 

Next in is Adrian with his day 8 and also puzzled!!!
"Sunday will make a difference!!"? 
Oh yes, so that's what it is. How could I have possibly been in any doubt? :-þ 
Third braincell is clearly the devious one! :) 

Bernice is the next in my inbox and her comment and picture follow:-
"Have a great day Jane attached is Day 8 on the beach. Wish I was as it is winter here but we are having a Chinook so unusually warm so we lazed on the deck amid snow and 18 °C . 
Bernice in Canada"

Maggie has had a few problems which she can tell you about.
"Hi Jane - the winds are gone with no wildfires this time - a relief to us SoCal's. I goofed on the test-tat by breaking Rule #1 of tatting - read the instructions first. The last ring has an extra picot - I am physically, mentally, emotionally and genetically incapable of opening a closed ring (I have tried) so the picot will have to stay. I did it right on the yellow creature (or plant?). It looks like the plant from the Little Shop of Horrors. If it is, I hope it doesn't eat cats. 
You are not on your own, Maggie.  I goofed on tatting day 6 this time round and had to undo a lock chain!!!! 

Next to arrive is Kristen with day 8. She says:-
"Hi Jane! 
We made it to DC, just in time for a blizzard to hit tomorrow...so glad we aren't trying to drive in that! :) 
Here is my Day 8 of the TIAS!
I still think it will be one of those beetles with pincers, but I could be wrong. "

Marla is next to arrive with her day 8. She says:-
"I'm a bit late at getting done but, this time there were no tatting mishaps! ...... 
I was very VERY Good at remembering to read the instructions first..... I think I even followed them..... I did have to make a LONG picot join to the first small ring with the size 80 thread. 
Here are my Momma and Baby bunnies! :) 
All I can say is, you forgot the whiskers!!! 
Marla "
Ooooops, sorry about the whiskers, Marla!!!!

Kelly has a different guess - sort of. She says:-
"Here is day 8! Still sticking with dragon fly for now but today's ended with it looking like a teeny tiny electric guitar xD " 

Now I have Helene's to show you. She says:-
You sure are good at keeping us guessing!!! So it's not an octopus and not a pair of scissors.... a dinosaur??? 
Will just have to wait till day 9. 

Short and simple is the next comment from Jenni!!!!
"Day 8..... no idea!!!"

Rose Anne is using tactics to fathom the puzzle!! She says:-
"OK I went back to a landscape/horizontal picture to see if I could glean some hint of what this green thing is gonna grow up to be - but ZIPPO help that gave! HMMMM Jane you have me stumped. This mystery is definitely named appropriately - tat it and see!!! 
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 

Kat did what so many of us do. Finished her day 8 and then forgot to send it!!!
"I finished this much earlier today...but totally forgot to email you! Oops! I don't know what it is anymore but I'm on pins and needles to find out! Any day now I think it will be clearer! 

Finally I have Linda's day 8 along with her comment too.
"Hi Jane 
Stitching right a long. So fun to do this. Thank you for sharing 
Have a good week. 

Shelley has just arrived with her day 8. She says:-
"I was unplugged this weekend but did think about day 8 when it came out yesterday. 

After a few hour's break I'm back with more of the offerings!!!
First in this batch is Sue Anna with her days 6, 7 and 8. She says:-
"Days 6-8 done! Seems Sunday best day for me to play caught up! Have no idea what it is but so far it's been a hoot! Thanks Jane for the game. 
Sue Anna"

Shirley has arrived with her day 8 and the following comment.
My alligator looks like a bunny when I look at her from another angle. Her name is Alice. I am waiting for her to transform again on Day 9. 

Anne is next also with her day 8. Her comment and photo follow.
"Still have no idea what it will be :)"

Next to arrive is Nikki who has this to say:-
"OK here is my day 8... I started over lol realized that I messed up and needed more lock chains then what I had in it lol. But alas its now right ."

Tine has just popped in with a comment - thanks, Tine.
"Hello Jane 
The Tias looks like an octopus. 
Greets Tine Vedder"

Next to arrive is Alba who says she hasn't a lot to say!!! 
"Good morning Jane. This is my day 8 with no comments."

Coretta has sent in her day 8 with this comment and along with her picture too:-
"The sad thing about my tire issue the other day is I spent an hour and a half and they decided they couldn't repair my tire. Oh well my little boy and I had a good time eating snacks, playing cars and talking with each other. Day 8 is attached." 

Caroline is the last person in in this batch of updates, I think!! Here's what she has to say:-
"Here is Day 8. Kind of slow this time. It looks like something running if you lay them right. Nice and Sunny today. My daughter will take me to get my car out of the hospital today. Darn check engine light kept coming on. They think they found the problem. They better have for the $ it is costing me. 

Anne-Marie has just arrived with her day 8 and she says:-
"Hello Jane, 
Did you say some day, Jane, that this tatted thing is necessarily an animal ? If it isn't, it 'ld be an adjustable spanner! The handywomen or DIY enthousiast we are often need it. Not for tat, it's sure, but for jewells for instance..... 
Wait work and see.....Regards 

Next in is Cathy. She's sent in all her TIAS days with this comment:-
"Hello Jane 
Here all my photos for the TIAS 2015. I think that all my pictos are too big (connection) ? 
I'm happy to continue the aventure with you , thank you 
I think I've got in a muddle with the order of these, Cathy so I apologise.

Next to arrive is Melanie who says:-
"Good afternoon- 
I'm still working through the TIAS for this year. I just need to have a good chunck of time available to send off a scan to you. Which I did today! 
MMmmmmmm let's see....a guess? I don't think it's a hummingbird anymore. I like the idea of a cowboy as I live in the West. But, a bunny would be cute. I think I'll wait 'til Day 9. 

Finally as I head for bed, I have Mariya who says:-
Here is next bunch of clues made (I assume, 6 to 8). Now this thing looks more like a rabbit, but I’m not sure still :) When tatting R16, I wasn’t sure if I can connect it to R1 as my button seems to be a bit too large. However it turned out more or less flat. So, can’t wait to see next clue - I can guess the direction to continue tatting but have no idea what is going to be there :)