Thursday, 20 January 2022

Day 4 now available

First in of the overnight emails is from Deana who also knows my feelings about Canada geese!!! She says

"Well Jane …..
I couldn’t find a Canadian goose to fly my starting fee days to you…
At first I thought it was the shortest TIAS and was a tatterpillar (Caterpillar)
Then I thought a web could be spun!!! Or maybe a cocoon
And maybe the finishing days would reveal a beautiful tatterfly (butterfly)….
Keeper of the Geese in Canada!!!

You are a terrible teaser Deana!!!

Next in is Rose Anne - another new 'starter' of TIAS 2022!!! She says

"Okay I finally sat a spell and started on Jane's 2022 TIAS, mystery tatting fun and glad we're playing again!
And here are my Days 1, 2 and 3 all together!
I have no idea what this will grow into in the weeks ahead!
Rose Anne Burdeny
Canada "

Love your shuttles, Rose Anne

Maria is at a loss for words at the moment!!! She says

"Hello Jane,What can I say… better say nothing

Here is the first day four in and it's from Jenni who's first again!! I'm wondering if she's giving us a 'trip round her shuttle collection too'? That's the beauty of bobbin shuttles - you can change the outer part to suit your mood!!! This is what Jenni says

"Hi Jane.
Yes I was a bit more organised tonight. Even got dinner done before time!
Will stick with Swan. No clue what else I would choose but still might change my mind!
Beads are still an issue. Never know what size they are!

Back from my weekly grocery shopping expedition and now ready to upload more of the TIAS. First of all I have Paolo who says

Ecco il mio bruco, buongiorno Jane

Here is my caterpillar, good morning jane“

Hmmmm, I wonder!!!

Next to arrive is Jane who is now changing her mind!! She says

“It reminds me of a meerkat. I won't analyse that too closely though.”

Now you mention it - it does look like a meerkat in it’s early years!!!!

Kathryn appears to be convinced she’s making a swan!!! I love the pictures, Kathryn. 

Dear Jane
I have chosen a blue bead, thankyou for putting as a picot join I don’t like threading them onto the shuttle. I like the idea that it might be a swan. Swans don’t have to be white.

That’s true about swans not having to be white as there is a black swan that lives in Australia, I believe.  Love the children with their swan in the second picture.

Anita has now arrived with her day 4 and she says this

It was tricky getting that bead in place… Is it the trunk of an elephant??

Well it could be the trunk of an elephant but there again it might not be!!!!  Time will tell, Anita!!!

Next arrival is from India and Priyanka has sent it in. She says

Hello Jane,
Its a pleasant experience to do this TIAS. This is my first tias and I eagerly wait for each update.
Thank you Jane 
Indore, India

I’m glad you could join us, Priyanka.  The more people the more fun it becomes!!!

Barbara is worrying about her TIAS but there’s honestly nothing to worry about. It’s looking great to me. She says

“ Hi Jane!
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because my work is bending and the 14th and 15th circles are rising. Maybe it should be like that? Or maybe my bead is too small. Size 9 means 9mm? Is it like Toho 8? I haven't met Toho 9.
I continue to do. Now I suppose it will be a turtle. We have a turtle shell ready.
Greetings to everyone.
Barbara ”

The bead size is 9 as if you put 9 in a line they’d measure an inch but yours will be fine anyway.  The curves will also sort themselves out in due course.  Have faith, dear Barbara, have faith!

Elżbieta thinks she knows what the TIAS is going to be too.  What a good idea - but is it?!?!?

“Jeśli dodamy skrzydła, to może być to smok (wawelski?)Pozdrawiam cieplutko po dzisiejszej śnieżycy
Elżbieta z Polski, chociaż nie z Krakowa 

If we add wings, it could be a dragon (Wawel?)
Greetings warmly after today's snowstorm
Elżbieta from Poland, but not from Krakow”

But where would the wings be, Elżbieta?  Please keep your snow in Poland as we don’t want any in England!!!

Kerstin is the next in my inbox and this is what she has to say

Hi Jane,
my day 4 looks like a seahorse. Perhaps…
Love it

Oh yes, it does, Kerstin.  I wonder!!!!!

Next in is Brookie who says

“I had to start over there was a knot in my thread. boo. let me see is it a dinosaur?”

That’s a shame, Brookie.  Happens to all of us at some time or other.  I admire you for not throwing the towel in but starting again.

Wanda has now arrived in my inbox and this is what she has to say.

“ Hello Jane. The trials and tribulations of day 4 - it started out okay I thought until I noticed it didn't look right after I finished R13. R12 was wrong! While taking out R13 the thread broke on Sht2. Then trying to open R12 the thread broke on Sht1.. After much muttering and some frustration, I think I have day 4 done correctly. Ignore all the thread ends, I'll take care of them later. Looking back, I think I could have fixed R12 without taking out R13. I caused myself a lot of trouble by not paying enough attention to the pattern. I will have to be more careful as we continue! I have no guesses about what this may be. Happy tatting, Wanda”

Oh dear, Wanda, what a shame.  I often do that - not read patterns carefully and then wonder why I go wrong.  Glad you’re sorted and still with us..

Melanie has just arrived and it made me raise my eyebrows when I saw her signature wasn’t the usual ‘sent from my iPhone etc’ but said ‘sent from my harpsichord’ which is (I think) something like a piano. That made me smile. Anyway, she said

“ Hi Jane-
I like how my bead and thread choice are invoking Spring. I'm joining camp swan for my guess.
Thanks for the smile,
sent from my harpsichord

Katie is back with her little ‘gang’ of TIAS’s!!! What a colourful bunch they are. This is what she says - in rhyme, of course. 

“ Hi, Jane! So good to tat on this rainy day! 

It’s Day 4 -- guesses keep coming on!
A big dragon, a meercat, a swan?
16 rings have been tatted
Whilst we have chitchatted!
But I doubt it’s a small mastodon!

Sure enjoying all the fun on the Tat It And See blog! Many thanks to you and all the tatters!

Katie V in NC USA”

Next to arrive is Annamaria who has this to say

Hello Jane

This is Day 4....and have no idea what might be... Octopus?.... Does it look like the way it should? Maybe I should have used bigger bead.... However its still fun... After this I might start doing all your challenges on your blog.... 
All the best
Kind regards 

Dorota from Poland is next and this is what she has to say
“ Witam cię skarbie 4 dzień zrobiony mam nadzieję że jest poprawnie ! Robi się ciekawie ale nie mam pojęcia co to będzie i coraz bardziej mnie wciąga usciski wysyłam :)

Hello sweetheart ️ 4th day done I hope it is correct! It's getting interesting but I have no idea what it will be and I get drawn more and more I'm sending hugs :)“

Yes it’s correct, Dorota.  Well done.

Maria’s just arrived in my inbox now and she has this to say

Dear Jane,
Well today I have something to say…
It’s yellow so must be a duck…”

Well Maria, if you want it to be a duck then we’ll have to wait and see if it is one!!!!

Stephanie has now arrived and sends in her picture and comment. This is what she says

“ Used a “size 9” bead for the size 20 thread and it just looks a bit on the too-small side to me. If I’d had a slightly bigger bead, I would have tried it, but size 9 is the biggest I’ve got, and I only have 2 packages of them – one ‘faceted’ black (looks cool and reflects the light nicely) and one mixed pastels plain old beads. I planned to use one of the pastels, but none of the colors showed up well with either of my threads, so I went with the shiny black ones instead.
Tried a size 9 bead with the size 80 thread, too, since it looked so very small on the size 20 thread. It might be a little TOO big, but size 11 looked awfully tiny. I know I have some size 10s left from many years ago, but mostly I use size 11, so that’s pretty much all that’s in my bead box right now.
Cat guess is out….just can’t make a cat out of THIS now, unless you count Jane’s meercat…. Something like a duck, CANADA GOOSE , or even a swan I could MAYBE sort of imagine, but no longer any sort of cat. Didn’t ask DH this time, but his Viking ship *might* work….today could be the start of the figurehead, although it looks more like the start of a rubber ducky than a fierce Viking ship now.

I’m going to wait to see what Aonghas guesses. He sniffed out that fox pretty early last year.  
Have a terrific weekend!
Big hug!

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

More results coming in

Tomorrow will be Day 4 so keep a lookout for the links!!!

First in today is from Bev who says.

“ Hi Jane
Here is my Day 3, better late than never. I guess there is no point in asking ‘animal, vegetable or mineral?’ I haven’t got a clue.

Next in are a pair of friends from Alaska - Kay Lynn and Aonghas. They say this

"Dear Jane,
Well, we are thinking....and it must be a profile of a critter (if it is indeed a critter) to use just one bead. Since my favorite stuffed animal is a dinosaur, I'm thinking that maybe it's a dinosaur. Here's a photo of my Barney (yes, I named him) and me. Momma and I are having fun trying to figure out this TIAS. We have ruled out a fox since it was a foxy last year.
Aonghas & his Momma, Kay Lynn"

Clever reasoning Kay Lynn - BUT .........

Carol is next in my inbox and she has this to say

"Hello Jane:
So, I take it "no" for Vincent Van Gogh?
How about Winnie-the-Pooh's tummy?
Perhaps a tea pot handle?

Always, Carol in NW Indiana USA bloggins as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

LOVE this picture which is from Olimpia. She says

"Grazie per avermi fatto imparare una nuova tecnica

Thanks for letting me learn a new technique
olimpia "

I feel I'm being watched by those eyes, Olimpia!!!  Love the picture.  

Celine has just arrived (found you in my spam folder, Celine!!) and she says
“ Hello Jane
Here is my day 3. 
Looks like body of a snail today
Have a nice day
Céline ”

Whoops - I let Bernice down. This is what she says

“ Hi Jane,
Tried to start Day 3 but then realized I sent you Day 2 with the last ring missing. All corrected now and ready for Day 4. So is it an Alligator? 

Sorry I didn’t notice, Bernice.

“Witaj Joane
Zrobiłam już dzień 2 i 3.
Pozdrawiam Grażyna Paluch

Hello Joane I have already done days 2 and 3. Regards Grażyna Paluch”

Paola has now arrived in my inbox with her day She says

“Cara Jane, grazie per questa iniziativa, cercherò di portare avanti il lavoro. Questa è la mia prova, ciao, Paola

Dear Jane, thank you for this initiative, I will try to carry out work. This is my proof, bye, Paola

You are doing very well, Paola.  Thank you for sending in your picture and comment.

Coretta has sent in her day 3 and this is what she has to say about her day!

“Hello, I did day 3 last night but just getting to sending my work along. Been a lot of hurry-up-and-wait type of things today. But getting things done! 
These curves seem very deliberate, but no guesses today.”

I hate those sorts of days, Coretta.  I like those hurry-up-and-get-things-done sort of days myself!!!!!  Still you got there in the end and just in time for day 4 tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

More, more and more

Good morning from a sunny but frosty England where I have a VERY full inbox!!! Here's today's so far.

First in is from Pamela and Jacky and this is the comment that came with it.

"Here are Jackie’s in pink and my pair. Looks a bit like a Viking ship that is going to have a figurehead on the front ! Or maybe not!"

Next in is from Martha who says that she's on time for once but as there's no time limit then she's ahead of time.  I think!!!!!

"Here I am, on time for once, and maybe the last time, knowing me.  For now, it looks like a happy little caterpillar wondering what it will turn into."

Mary follows shortly after with her 'worm'!!! It's amazing what goes on when I'm snoring my head off!!!! She says

Great worm! I had the pattern sitting on the seat of a chair and when I passed by and glanced at it, it looked like a perfect worm with the Sh1 and Sh2 notations being the feelers!

Carol is now back with her day 2 and this is her suggestion this time

"Hello Jane:
Perhaps it is Vincent VanGogh's ear? : )
Always, Carol
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II

Weeeellllllll, I don't think so, Carol!!!!

Next in is from Madhur and hers is expanding each time I open it!!! I think Madhur is having too much fun! She says

"My dearest Jane
Here I am with the thicker thread this time for day 3.
The top one is size 40 from a local brand "gopal"
Number 2 variegated is also from Gopal, size 20
Number 3 is yet another local brand "red rose" Size 20. It is slighter thicker than anchor 20 as well as "gopal" 20
Last is Anchor knitting cotton.
I also intend to start another one with the Indian anchor for day 4.
By the way, are we doing a scorpion?
A wild guess!!!!
Hugs from India

Do you expect a sensible answer to your question, Madhur?  

Maureen has caught up now with her days 1, 2 and 3. She remembers the other TIAS games in her comment here

"I have caught up, and I know what it ISN’T- it’s not a rabbit and it not a gorgeous Fox this year either.   My bad tempered cat has been allowed off his shelf to watch proceedings, and Rabbit is there too, to add a touch of Nostalgia to 2022."

Lovely to see them all back too, Maureen.

Just before I go downstairs for breakfast I'll put Elżbieta's on the blog as she's just popped in. She says

"Witam w słoneczny i lekko mroźny dzień. Oto efekt mojej pracy z 3 dnia wydarzenia:
Miłego dnia

Welcome to a sunny and slightly frosty day. Here is the result of my work on the 3rd day of the event:
Miłego dnia

Sounds as if your weather is the same as ours!!!

Katie's just arrived with her group of TIAS's!!! She says
"Hi, Jane,
Here's my collection of characters for Day 3. Their wavy curves don't match the nicely rounded ones of most that I see on your TIAS blog, but my little characters are independent cusses! Might have something to do with the way I've tatted them! hehe.
I love everyone's guesses and suggestions--so wide-ranging and clever! The "rocking chair rocker" is one of my faves! Imagine tatting a piece of furniture?! Thanks so much for setting up all this fun for us, Jane!!
tatty hugs from Katie V in NC"

Don't worry about the curves or not curves, Katie.   All will be sorted later in the game.  That's if they need to be 'sorted' of course!!!

Sandra has just arrived with her TIAS and she says this

"I always learn so much from your talk! Here I think I'm good at split rings by now, BUT I've never joined a picot on the second half of a split ring before, and I found that I was really bad at it, creating big lumpy joins! I'm pretty sure this is a tape worm, you can see the segments! "

YUCK.  A tape worm.  Now I can and will assure you that it is NOT a tape worm.  It maybe an ordinary earth worm but not a tape one!!!!!  That's still a funny if yucky suggestion, though!!!!

Andrea has sent in her days 3 and done a truly great drawing of the TIAS.  Well, what she thinks it’s going to be.  Me?  I’m not saying a thing!!  Except thank you to her for her time and efforts.

Hi Jane, 
Here are my day 3 tats and my guess. Hope you like Humphrey. It's still not clear after 3 days .. really intriguing. Thanks for the fun x

The next person to arrive in my inbox is Annamaria who says

“Hello its me again
Oh I'm having so much fun with this Jane, every day gives me a new giggle and a new guess. Now I think it's the Cheshire cats grin.... Or a boat..... Cat went on a boat trip? Only you know
All the best
Annamaria ”

Ah, I suppose it could be the owl and the pussycat who went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat!!!!!!  

Kaylyn is the next to arrive with her day 3. This is what she has to say

“I like how it's turning with just a little change in the stitch counts. lt reminds me of a quizzical cat tail.

It does look like a tail, Kaylyn.  I wonder!!!

Another new starter to this year’s TIAS is Melanie who’s sent in her first three days. She says

“Good day!
It's morning here and I've finally caught my breath to pick up shuttles and join in the game. Attached is my day 1, 2 & 3. Your choice if you post them all or just Day 3.
My guess: I'm remembering our kitty Duchess, so a tail for a cat is my guess. May she rest in peace.
Thanks for all you do for our tatting world,

Thank YOU for taking part, Melanie.

Stephanie and her husband are obviously giving a lot of thought to what the TIAS is going to be this year!!! She says

“On Day 2 I thought of a cat, mostly because of the way cats often hold their tails – with a small curve at the end of it. BUT there were picots, which I know will be for joins, on the ‘wrong’ side of the tail for it to be a cat’s tail, so THAT guess was ‘out.’ However, wasn’t the smile on the Cheshire Cat’s face the only thing that could be seen of him after the cat faded away? There is plenty of ‘body’ left to tat, maybe it IS a cat and I just was looking at it from the wrong end. We’re starting with his grin and building the cat from THERE. So we started with the head, not the tail.
DH also thought it could be the Cheshire Cat’s grin. He also said it could be the bottom of a Viking ship. I guess we’ll see when we see, won’t we?
Have a terrific week! This is such great fun! Thanks again for doing this again this year.
Big hug!

The next comment and picture is from Joanne Hayes. From Santa Claus, Indiana who says

“Hi Jane, greetings from Santa Claus, Indiana, USA. I enjoy the TIAS very much. My guess is...a sleigh for Santa.”

Now I have Valerie who has sent in her TIAS. She says

“ Bonjour Jane,
Je vous souhaites une bonne année 2022.
J'avais participé l'année dernière c était mon 1er TIAS.
Voici mon 1er jour pour cette nouvelle aventure.
Valerie de France
A bientôt

Hello Jane,
I wish you a happy new year 2022.
I had participated last year it was my 1st TIAS.
Here is my 1st day for this new adventure.
Valerie from France
See you soon“

Voici mon 2e jour
Valerie de France.
A bientôt”

Et dans la même soirée, mon 3e jour :-).
J'avais pris un peu de retard....
Comme l'idée de l'escargot est déjà donnée je pensais à un morceau de lune
Bonne journée et à bientôt. 
Valerie de France

And in the same evening, my 3rd day :-).
I was a bit late....
As the idea of the snail is already given I was thinking of a piece of the moon 🌙.
Good day and see you soon.
Valerie from France

Margaret is going to be the last person in my inbox tonight as I’m heading for bed. This is what she has to say

“Hi Jane, 
Busy last night so Day 3 later than hoped. 
I think it has mysteriously transformed from a rocking horse to a scorpion overnight! 
Margaret ”