Monday, 23 May 2016

May 23rd

Another rabbit has arrived.  THANK YOU.   Oh, plus a pair of scissors from 2015 too.  Here they are from Claire in Washington State.

89.  "Sorry it has taken me so long to scan last year's and this year's TIAS completed projects.  It is always fun to do them.  I'm just not fast with the scanning part.  I can't remember which way you prefer to receive the scans, so one is a PDF and the other is a JPEG.  The pictures are the same, whichever you prefer to open.

Had I known we were making a rabbit this year, I would not have used Lizabeth size 20 orange thread.  I don't know what I did wrong, but each time I tried to do his carrot, I always got it going the wrong direction from the way your pattern has it.  

I live in Washington state.

Thank you, Claire.  Lovely to see them all and jpeg is the right format too.  Blogger won't 'take' pdf's!!!!

Monday, 14 March 2016

March 14th

Yes, halfway through March and the rabbits are still 'marching' in!!! This time it's Carol who has sent hers. She says.

88. "It is done!! Still don't know if I got that ear right or not but. I ploughed through though and got to the end. Had no orange for the carrot so he's playing with Easter eggs. Thank you Jane for the highs and lows, such a learning experience challenging the mind and hands!"
Well he looks VERY handsome to me, Carol, and let's all remember that not all real rabbits have perfect ears!!!

Now I have 80 PLUS!!!

First of all today I have Julie's (my lovely French translator) rabbit with her comment which is.

80. "Hello Jane ! 
I am soooo terribly late ! I have been very busy with my work and didn't find time to write my last article for the TIAS. 
Shame on me, I think that I didn't send you my final picture... I join it here. 
Just want to thank you another time. It's been a great honour and pleasure to work with you."
Well it was a pleasure and very easy to work with you too, Julie.

The following rabbits on this post are taken from Julie's blog post as I'm pretty sure they've not been uploaded to the TIAS blog before.  If I've doubled up then I'm sure somebody will let poor old BC3 know!!!!

Next is Blanche's final day.  I love her cheerful rabbits.

Carole's rabbit is next.

Cordelia's rabbit is the next one I've found.

Next is Francoise's rabbit.

Followed by Francoise P's rabbit too!

Celine's rabbit is next.

Isabelle is next with her rabbit.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Very nearly 80!!!

Today I have two new rabbits to show you. 

The first is from Lori who says.
78. "Hi Jane!! 
Well I finished the rabbit and carrot! Even if I put the carrot on backwards. Hahaha 
My cat likes to eat/play with my tatting. 
So it is a bit damaged but I am ok with it. 
Thanks for the fun! 

Now I have two rabbits from Catherine! She says.
79. "Bonjour Jane, 
Et voilà Praline la lapine , et Pralin le lapin. Très contente d'avoir pu apprendre plein de choses avec ce tias merci et merci de l'avoir fait traduire en français. Ce serait bien qu'il y ait une traduction aussi pour les précédents."

Hello Jane,
And now the rabbit Praline, Praline and rabbits. Very glad I could learn a lot with this tias thank you and thank you for having it translated into French. It would be although there is also a translation to the previous ones.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nearly 80

Almost 80 rabbits and some good news with Christine's rabbit too.

77. "Here is my completed TIAS 2016. Thanks for the fun project! 
Threads I used: 
Rabbit - Lizbeth #20-603, Ecru 
Teeth - Lizbeth #20-601, White 
Carrots - 3 strands variegated embroidery floss (yellow to orange) with one strand Sulky #40 Rayon, #1065 (orange) 
Carrot tops - 2 strands light green embroidery floss with one strand of floss, #91-A, Isle Green 
I was inspired by the picture of Brenda's flower basket on Day 11 to make a basket of carrots for my rabbit. 
This way he won't go hungry! 
Basket thread - 2 strands DMC embroidery floss #420 (med. brown) with one strand tan floss 
I hope to take part in next year's TIAS. I know it will be another fun bit of tatting. :) 
By the way, I have started a blog, partly due to your encouragement. My husband says that I don't have time for a blog, but there it is anyway. 
-Christine in Alabama 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Number 76, I think!!!!

Now Marla has been taking a few liberties with the rabbit pattern but isn't it a hoot?

76. "Yeah!!!! He's finally done and very happy about it! Now he can have that carrot treat he's been waiting for. 🙃 
Thanks so much for the fun game again this year! Though some of us are slow (darn life just gets in the way when you least expect it!).... we really do enjoy the fun challenge! I'm looking forward to the next time! 
Marla & Bunny, in Boise, Idaho, USA"
This is the first time I've seen a rabbit with wings!!! We've all heard of pigs flying but now here's the first ever rabbit. Thanks for the giggle, Marla.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

The 75th Rabbit!

Yes, that's right - the 75th rabbit has arrived from Coretta. She says.

75. "My what a delay, :) but here is my finished rabbit. 
I undid day 11 to change out the eye beads for slightly smaller ones. 
I finished tatting it in the park on a warm sunny day before picking up my son. 
It's taken ridiculously long to send the picture. 
Thank you so much for all you put into this. I always look forward to it. 
This was tatted in Lizbeth 20 Charcoal Med 607, the carrot was Ören Bayan koton Pearle size 8 and Lizbeth size 20 Leaf Green Med 684 
And this bunny hops in from Central Florida, USA."
Well that's a little different weather wise to here in the UK!!! Thanks for your rabbit, Coretta.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tuesday's rabbit!

Today I have Mary's rabbit which arrived during the night! She says.

74. "Jane, 
Finally finished! Several errors, but not in vain since I learned something. This seems like a massive amount of work on your part - thank you, thank you, thank you.