Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday's parade starts HERE!

First in on this gloomy Friday morning here in the UK is Sandra from AMERICA'S Norman.  

Next in is also from AMERICA and Mary who says:-
"Here is my Norman the proud rooster of the barnyard.  I cannot wait to finish Norman's family."

Also in from AMERICA is Kelly's rooster.  She says:-
"I did get my TIAS done!!!!!! This is my first chance to e-mail his picture to you. I really enjoyed doing this. It was my first! I think he turned out pretty good if I may say so.  Thanks again for doing this. Sign me up for the next one. LOL"

Next in is from Heather who doesn't say where she's from!!  So here's what she has to say:-
"ta da, got it done :)  heather"

Now we have Denise from AMERICA who says:-
" got a little behind because I decided I wanted to do a second one. I tried to do the second one front/back side, but got a little confused so part of it reverted to traditional tatting. But they are both fantastic.  Thank you so much for this game! I had lots of fun and can't wait until you do another one.
--Denise & her two roosters from Central Texas"

Next in is from Karen F in AMERICA who says this:-
"My Norman hails from Bend, Oregon, USA and says “REAL MEN WEAR PINK.”   This was a very good TIAS and I learned it is o.k. to tat over two tails at once.  Also it’s my first time for a weaver’s knot to start the new thread.  Your pattern was easy to understand and enjoyable and taught me a few new things.  Next time he’ll look better."

Last in before I have my shower and start the day is from Terri in AMERICA.  Here's what she has to say:-
"I would like to introduce you to Norman from California, USA. He's been very excited to meet you and has been looking forward to this day. I, on the other hand, have been dreading this day as it means the end of a very fun, enlightening challenge.

 Really, though, it was a blast to do and I learned a couple of new things along the way thanks to your wonderful extra instructions.  I hope we're able to do this again soon."

Just found Karen's rooster in my spam folder.  What WAS he doing there?  Karen's comes from AMERICA and here's what she says:-
"I have been following the fun with the rooster.  Am attaching my final product.  It helped fill in the time during some cold days in Belton, Texas."
Next one in is from Tine in THE NETHERLANDS.  She says:-
"This is mine Cock.  His wife and the kids are verry nice."

I'm getting a bit worried about Geraldine!!!  I think she's got the chicken pox!!!  Look what she's sent in NOW!!!!
"I have so enjoyed this tias this was a first for me,please include me in the next. what wonderful and colour ful cockrals we have around the world. let me introduce you to the family norman, the wife aileen and the chicks, barry, burt, and matilda they hatched this morning and already running round the farm to every one, keep tatting, Geraldine."

Next into the farmyard is from Jennifer in WALES.  She says:-
"Picture of my rooster, at last."
From yet another part of the world comes Alba who lives in MEXICO.  She says:-
"Thank you so very much for sharing this game. I enjoyed it very much and I think a lot of persons from all over enjoyed it too. With a little, plus another little, and another little imagination, mine finally looks like a rooster, well at least to me...
Thanks again and a big Ki ki ri ki from Mexico to all the beautiful and colorful roosters around the world."

Next we have IsDihara who lives in AMERICA.  She says:-
"Well, I had to take a break for a few days but got Norman all finished up on Thursday, January 28th.  Can you believe this is the first animal I have ever made? I learned to tat in 1980. So believe you me, Norman, has a right to crow about his number one status!  He's quite the handsome banty."
We have taken to calling Norman "Chicken Boo," since my preschooler said he looked like the cartoon chicken of the same name. Here is a link to an image of Chicken Boo at Renegade Chickens web site (what fun!):
 And of course, here is a link to my tatting blog, where a post is waiting to go live at 3:00 a.m. EST (I'm guessing around 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning, your time.) Saturday morning.
T.I.A.S. Day 11 -- Finished!

Next is from Carla in THE NETHERLANDS who says this:-
"From Amersfoort in the Netherlands is here my rooster. It was a great fun to make it. Now i am doing the rest of the family. When it is ready i will send you a picture. Thank you for this very nice family.  I hope this was not the last TIAS."


Carol Lawecki said...

The parade of colorul roosters is wonderul. I will send you my photo this weekend. I am currently tatting one in different colors.

I was wondering where the pattern for the hen and chicks can be found? I'd love to tat them also!! So cute!

Thank you so much Jane for the TAIS! Your the Best!

Carol Lawecki said...

Oh Silly me Jane. I found the link to Aileen and chicks on day 11 of the instructions. I will be tatting them next!! Hugs!