Friday, 15 January 2010

Next to arrive is Bernice's day 5 and she says:-
"Here is day 5....It looks like a turtle if we didn't have to add day 1 and 2 to it. Bernice"

Just on my way to bed and I've found a few more people in the inbox.  First is Denise who says:-
"Here is my Day 5. Very fun! I hope we get to see another part this weekend."

Somehow or another Shannan's day 4 went missing.  I did have a problem with blogger t'other day.  Anyway, thank goodness it's here now.  
"Hmmmm.  I know you got this Wed because I got a reply back from you, but I didn't see it on the blog so I thought I would re send it ;-)  Just in case it went missing."

Finally for tonight as I'm off to bed - here are Debbie's days 4 & 5.  

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