Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday morning - early!

First one into my inbox this morning is from Bonnie.  She says this:-
"Here is my day 1.  I am using Tatskool's Coral Reef size 40 HDT. "

Next is Kika's contribution and here's what she has to say (thanks, Wally!):-
"Wally motivated us to participate in mini-challenges of a mysterious pattern. I found it very entertaining, is also a pleasure to participate in something of yours, because your pattern site has been my guide."

One comment in today is from Mary who says:-
"This is my first time doing one of your TIAS, since it is in the 20's here I figure it is a good time to sit back and relax and take on a new project during this cold spell."
No picture attached so maybe there'll be one later, Mary?  OK, here it is.  Thanks, Mary.

Next is from Kelly who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane I am taking part in your TIAS but we do not have Outlook Express on our computer so I can't e-mail my picture to you. But I will keep up with posting each part on my blog. Fell free to copy and paste from there if you like. "  
I've tried to upload your picture, Kelly, but it won't 'cooperate' with me at this moment in time!  I'll try again later!!!  Here's the link to your blog.

Now we have Liz's offering (Artlady).  She says her tension isn't good but believe me by the time she's finished this TIAS she'll be fine!!!!!  Personally I think it looks FINE.  Here's her remark:-
"I am attaching a copy of my piece.  The tension isn’t good however this is my first real attempt at SR so I was very excited when the rings closed.  Thank you very much for catering for me with this."

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