Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday - much later!

The first in this batch of the TIAS is from Wendy.  Now Wendy emailed me earlier today and she has worked out what the TIAS is going to be.  She told me privately but, being the generous (cough, cough, splutter, splutter) person I am, I'm going to share it here.  As you will need just 1 bead for day 6 she has decided it's going to be a cyclops.  Hmmmmm, Wendy, are you right?

Now we have Jane B's and she says this:-
"Here is day 4 & 5 together.  No nearer figuring out what it could be yet.  At least it now looks like a little motif.  Looking forward to day 6."

Following quickly on Jane's heels is Hannah who says:-
"Attached is my day 5 - part 2 looks a bit like an angel's wing, although as it's January, I'm assuming this isn't what the TIAS is going to be! (Also, if it were, I don't know what part of an angel part 1 would be!)"

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