Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday morning

Plenty of eye candy this morning.  DO read to the bottom especially Terri's as she COULD be right!!!!!

Starting off with Sunela who says:-
"I was not sure whether you wanted everyone's pictures.  I posted it in my blog.  In case, you want, here is my version of Day1. 

Here's Sue Anna's version of day 1 now:-  
"Here is a link to my picture for my TIAS. Sue Anna.  My blog:
It is done in size 20 HDT 'Celery' made by Yarnplayer.

The next picture in is from J.B. who says:-
"Here is my day 1.  I am using Lizbeth’s March Breeze thread."

Now we have Bev's offering:-
"I'm using size 20 thread.  Yarnplayer's Vibrato, Tatskools RB Agua; haven't decided on third, but it will probably be magenta or chocolate brown Lizbeth. I really like that chocolate color."

Now we have Vanessa's day 1:-
"Thanks for running the tat-it and see.  Here is my product from day 1."

Next in is from Wendy S.  She's asking for clues!!!  Hmmmm, sorry Wendy, none at all!!!!!!!
"I know I am late but better late than never. I have done this in Anchor Pearl Cotton 8 in a multicolour pink. I love the colours the other tatters have chosen for this.  Could it be an insect of some kind? Just a wild guess. Any clues?"

Now, is Terri right or is she wrong?!?!?
"Here's my scan of Day 1 progress.  Today's Guess: The Great Wall of China - well, it could be...   This is so much fun!!"

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