Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More on Wednesday!

This is Riet's contribution and she says this:-
"Here is my picture of Day 1.   I wonder if it is done well, looking at the drawing I don’t see a long chain.  I saw the day 2 drawing and there is the same. But I will wait and see maybe at the end I understand.  Nothing is gone a overhand knot in the chain can still be done."

Yes, Riet has got day 2 but only because she is kindly translating it all into Dutch for her friends in The Netherlands!!!  Your Day 1 looks fine to me, Riet.

Now here's Ginny's offering and this is her guess:-
"Here is my day 1 of the TIAS.  I think it is a Siamese Caterpillar."

Just checked my inbox and Ann has popped in!  She says this:-
"Here is my Day 1 of the TIAS!  I need to snip my beginning threads a little more closely, but will wait until I have a good night's sleep!  This is fun and I am quite excited, hence all the exclamation points!!!"

Whooopeeee - another.  This time from Dominique who has come up with a good guess!!!  Here's what she says"-
"Here is my day 1 of the TIAS in DMC variagated cotton n°80.  Could it  be a prawn/shrimp ? 

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