Monday, 11 January 2010

Good Monday morning one and all!!!

Starting at the bottom of the inbox this cold morning is Denise who has just caught up.  First of all we have her day 2:-
"I fell a little behind, but decided today was the perfect day to catch up. In my foolish attempt to save a little thread I thought I would do Day 2 with shuttle and ball. Someone come put me out of 
 my misery if I ever EVER attempt to do an SR with a shuttle and ball again. My fingers were cramping before I finished the first SR. It was very difficult holding that ring open wide enough to shove a ball through it. Anyway, the work is done."

Now here's Denise's day 3:-
"Day 3 went smoother. I did get a little confused starting the chains with picots as I've never done that before, but I managed it. I did not wind very much thread on the day 3 shuttles. I thought I had, but it appears the shuttles are nearly empty. I hope Day 4 doesn't require much more of color 2 continued off part 2."

Now we have Jane B's days 2 & 3.  She says:-
"I have finally caught up and enclose day 2and 3 together you'll notice I finally plucked up courage to trim off the threads I hope they weren't needed.  I have a theory that this is going to be something in 3D.  Whatever it is it is definitely interesting.  Looking forward to day 4."

Now here is Bev's day 1 and 2.  Her remarks follow:-
"I've wound my aqua; so thought it time to send my completed days 1 and 2.   I made two so 'whatever' it is would not be lonesome!  LOL  Thank you for awaking the grey days of winter with a mystery tat. "

Next is Caroline who appears to be having help with hers!!!!  
"Gracie (gray kittie) thought she had to help.  Her help is playing with the shuttles.  I hope this is clear enough."

Two pictures now from Sunela who says:-
"Here are my creations from Day 2 and Day 3.  They are also in my blog.  The way you hide thread in the SR (day3) is how I do it.  I can't wait to see the rest of it.  I have absolutely no clue as what it is going to be.  An Octopus with just 4 legs??? Ummm....still pondering."

Now we have Kika's day 3.  LOVE the colour:-
It's ready, Jane!!... DAY 3 finished. Have a nice day."

Back into the inbox is Bev with her day 3.  She asks about the harry in the name of the pdf file.  Somebody else has asked that question - the answer is that I've used all sorts of initials, quick phrases and names to  'hide' the urls.  To stop people CHEATING!!!  Well done, Bev:-
"Okay,  here is Day 3 in Aqua  size 20  from RB Bright series by Tatskool.  PS  Is there any significance to the pdf file name  "Harry"    LOL "

OK, now Martha's got the answer!!!  She's abandoned the snowman idea and the dog and she's guessed it's a:-
"You say releasing parts out of sequence was a mistake?  I say it was a ploy to trick me into thinking it was going to be a snail."

Now we have a newcomer (VERY welcome too) in Margaretha who says:-
" My name is Margaretha and I live in Queensland Aust. I have sent you the picture of my T.I.A.S. but I did all three days. I hope that it is not too late to enter. Cheers Margaretha"  
Welcome aboard, lass.

Next is Pam in the UK who says:-
"Hi Jane. I tried to send this last night. I'm having trouble with my new Kodak All-in-one printer. It's not keen to let me know where it scans things to.This should be days 1,2 & 3 all together. The green part is very pretty. Not a clue as to what it is yet. May be day 4 will help."
I wonder, Pam, I wonder if it will help!!!!!!

Next to arrive later on on Monday morning was the following from Janny who says:-
"How are you, my best wishes for 2010. It's a real good start with this TIAS.  This is my contribution to the TIAS, day 1/3. I'm curious what the result will be, I have no idea."

Now we have Vanessa with days 2 & 3 who has just arrived in my inbox!!!  This is what she has to say:-
"Here are my products from days 2 and 3.  The variagated thread is Lizbeth and the pink is Altin Basak."


Arty Lady's blog said...

OK, I'm confused. Can someone please let me know how to start a chain with a picot?? I have tried to google but can't find anything.

Jane Eborall said...

All it is is just really leave a space the size of the picot you need before you start your first ds!!! Does that make sense? If not shout and I'll draw it for you!!!

Ridgetatter said...

I had thought about the possibility of it being a snail; nice to know that a bona fide Critter designer also thought about that idea.

"Harry: hum mm could be an acronym, has to be something that reminds you of what it is! Cheating? Oh NO, just a keen eye and an inquiring mind. LOL

Harry could be Sasquatch, Yeti, Wooly Mammoth. I have a deranged mind.


Ridgetatter said...

Oh No! How many of you saw the glaring mistake on my Day 3? I was just starting Day 4 and it leapt up at me…eeeek

2 picots on ring two….say it isn't so….There should be THREE. Days 3 and 4 will be forthcoming… Corrected.