Monday, 25 January 2010

The last Monday morning

This is the last Monday morning of the TIAS and the penultimate day!!!!!  
First into my inbox is a new participant - Melissa who says:-
"My Name is Melissa, I have not done one of these before.  I started it today (01/24/2009) I am now caught up with where you are.  I needle tat, so I hope I have figured it out and it looks right.  Thank you for doing this."

Next is Caroline who says:-
"It took me a while to find him as I thought he had escaped to the "hen house" and was beginning to think I would never find  him.  I finally found him in the bag I had him in.  Kitties had to play a little.  I had to redo the last chain on day eight as I had not attached to the 4th ring so it took me a while to figure it out.  I think I have the scan a little better this time."

Next in is from Jane who is also sending the pattern to Judith - this time not very successfully!  Here's what she says:-
"Hi Jane, yeah, I think that section was simple enough. I'm having problems sending day 9 to Judith. I don't think it's the biggest page, and I've sent all the others ok. Perhaps it's the weather. I'll keep trying, and hope that this one goes ok."

Now we have Janny who says:-
"Hello Jane,  this is my peacock??????"
Hmmm, good guess but is it the right one???

Next in is from Madhur who says:-
"This is what I tatted Saturday!!
Day 9 of TIAS....Made a mistake in the last split rings,,, joined the 23rd ring to the chain... so had to increase one ring in the latter part before making the last join.  And the picture is not good. I shall soon have to get hold of a good digicam."

Whooops.  Just found Margaretha's message which seemed to have preferred my spam folder for some reason.  Here's what she says:-
"Well here is my   day 9  and I had no major dramas!!!! Can’t wait to see it finished."

Next in is Geraldine who has beaten Isa today.  Now I'm worrying about Isa and if she's OK.  Anyway, here's what Geraldine has to say:-
"morning jane, what a lovely leg my cockerel has. can't whait till wednesday. happy chatting tatting. geraldine."

GOOD NEWS.  Isa's fine.  She was next in my inbox but I always work from the oldest message to the first and hadn't 'spotted' her.  This is what she says:-
"Jane sorry but  my internet connection was down for a few hours this important Monday morning and now  I'm here with TIAS day 10...
Have a happy day. Here it's a beautiful sunny, cold day........"

Next I have Riet's day 10 which I forgot to add earlier.  Sorry, Riet.   I love the way that Riet has sent her TIAS in with it facing in different directions!!!  SO funny.

Next person in is Marjan with more news about the Wothi!!! Here's what she says today:-
"Good afternoon Jane!
 Just a few days more and the world will know what a Wothi is!  You still have no idea? It is soooooooooo simple and soooo true!  A Wothi here and a Wothi there.... you see them everywhere.....
 I really love my Wothi, although she is not the most easy one!  If something isn't going her way.... beware! But she is so loveable too...
She never forgets te say goodnight, always so happy when she sees me in the morning.... yeah, it is a wonderful bond we have!
 I 'see' you wednesday!! bye Jane!
 Greetings and love, Wothi and Marjan"

Next is from Brenda who says this:-
"This is Day 10. He/she is looking fine whatever it is.
I just wish I had a different colour bead. It looks like he/she doesn't have an eye.  I will do it again when the TIAS is finished.  I will have to go shopping for some beads first.  Thanks Jane for doing this.  I have learnt a great deal from doing this.  I hope with what I have learnt, it will makes my tatting addiction easier."

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