Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday afternoon

Time to start a new list of today's blog entries!!! 

First in this post is from Margaret who says:-
"No wild guesses yet, as to what this is!  Wheel on Day 7!!!!   Colour is not very good as I tried scanning it with the scanner lid open.  Won't do that again!"

Next in is from our good friend and whacky Crazy Mom Tats who sends this link to her day 6.  Thanks.

Now we have Sue C's offering of day 5.  As she's travelling  she's finding it hard to keep up.  This is what she says:-
"As far as I've gotten so far.  Not enough time left for concentrated tatting!  Today on the road, however, I may be able to catch up some.  I even thought to bring extra beads just in case I drop one or more on some bumpy stretch of highway."

Next in is from Brenda who has sent in this comment:-
"Hope this is right now. This is the forth attempt from the beginning. I wanted to give up yesterday.  I was so frustrated that I couldn't get day 6 right. I am not a quitter so had to have another go.  Don't know why I was having bother with it yesterday.  The last small ring isn't to my liking but it will have to do."

Now we have Joanie's day 6 which follows her latest comment:-
"DH and I have decided that it would be just like Jane to allow us to continue to think that just because there is a bead in this project, that it is a person or animal!!! Not that we have any other guesses! Just waiting for Day 7!!!"

Next in is from Sue Anna who says:-
"Hi Jane, I had to give day 6 a FULL day to digest before I attempted it. Actually I forgot which shuttle was 1 and which was 2 so after ljk ! But it kind of looks right so I think I did OK. My bead is a crystal so it didn't scan right. At least if I want to change it I still can."


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