Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday - later on!!!

First in this posting is from Jane who says this:-
"I'm a bit slow off the starting blocks. I've had visitors this week, and then a huge pile of figs to process before they went off. Bottles and bottles of jam and chutney later, time to get to tias!
I'm a bit worried that my chains on part one face the wrong way, but I can probably correct that when I see where I'm going.  Great fun, thanks. Happy tats, Jane"
Ooooh, Jane, I LOVE fresh figs although can't stand the dried ones we get over here!!!!

Next in is from Wanda who says:-
"Here's Day 2.  Curiouser and curiouser!  I'm ready for Day3!"

Next is from Ancolie who has a problem for me!  Not sure if my French is good enough for that, lass!!!  Here is what she's asking me to do!!:-
Here is Here is my TIAS day 2. It looks like the head of Jellyfish wonder if I did well? 
you say, that it will be a :
 " ?!@£&£%**(!$." ! I "
could you translate into  french ?  Thank you for sharing this TIAS"

Now the next offering is from Caroline who says:-
"I had to take time out to put flowers and crystals in them for my Granddaughters wedding the 29th.  11 Bridesmaids so hands are rather sore today.  Hope I can get them feeling better and working to I can crochet, knit, and tat today."

Next in is Cynthia's - finally sorted with the help of the new 'toy' and now below. Here's what she said:-
"Day 1 and 2 of Jane Eborall’s January 2010 TIAS.  Thread used—Lizbeth size 20 Color Springtime number 20-115.  Yes it needs to be trimmed but my scissors are not by the computer…LOL"

The next is from Margaret who has been to a great deal of trouble!!  Here's her story:-
"Thank you for the fun of another T.I.A.S.  Having unearthed my scanner I'm sending Days 1 & 2 together."

Now this next message from Joanie has me worried, very worried.  She's worked out what I'm doing.  I'm very, very reluctant to pass on her message but I will in the cause of truth and honesty.  Here goes:-
"Also, I have a bone to pick with you! It is called:
Tatters Unite!!!
I have finally figured out what a TIAS really is!!! It is a way to keep Jane occupied during the winter (Or times of confinement to the indoors during snow.). She is preying on our good nature to follow her blimey patterns. I'm sure she is sitting there in a warm house while the snow beats on the outside, with her glass of red wine, just laughing up a storm at all of us with our tatting and guesses as to what on earth we are really tatting!!!!  
This is a conspiracy by Jane!!!  We are her form of entertainment! Are we going to take this from her?!?! Of course we are!!! As we all come back to the blog each and every day, at least once a day, to find out who has emailed her their days tatting and to find out if she has posted another part of this pattern! Hurry Jane, I'm finished with today's tatting and am having trouble waiting for the next day!!! 
I do hope you know that I am teasing you BIG time!!! So I will offer BIG hugs to you!"



Anonymous said...

Hi Jane:
I did the day 1. On to day 2. I hope I did okay. Have a great day.

TAT19540 said...

Hi Jane, if we are giving you a good laugh at our guesses- good! Laughing will keep brain cell going for along time and we will all benifit your brain cell #3 Enjoy the snow from the window- it is prettier that way! My guess is a giant squid! I have a surprise for you and hope you enjoy it! Thanks for all you do.