Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday - later on!

Back again!!!  Here's the picture from Anita who says:-
"Here is day 4.  I'm a needletatter, and not sure what to do when it says "change shuttles" since I thought both were the same color thread.  Since my work looks like the other picts, am sending it on.  Looks like a kite headed toward the clouds to me! :-)"

Next is from IsDihara who says:-
"Sorry so late, my toddler totally highjacked my day yesterday. Here is my Day 4 photo and guess, plus a link to my blog where I have posted about Days 3 and 4.  Day 4 reminds me of a guitar or maybe a mandolin."  
She has also sent this link to her blog too.

Next one in is from Caroline who has this to say:-
"Boy, am I in hot water.  Gracie went and told her sister Mercie that she helped with day 3 and that I wrote about her so Mercie is pouting.  Hope this will help and she quits pouting.  They will be 2 on the 29th of May so they are still at the playful stage."

Next we have Bev's offering.  She says this:-
"Here is Day 3 (corrected) with Day 4 added.  I hope the 'next' days will just require the aqua I have on my Aero's; cause it was my last bit.  :>]  Otherwise this is going to get 'interesting'!"

Poor Stephanie has been struggling to keep up but has finally 'got there'.  Here is her message:-
"Got behind for a bit there, but I'm up to speed now!  Don't you just hate when real life intrudes?  I know I do.  Anyhoo, here are my Days 3 and 4.  Still won't hazard a guess, because I'm completely stumped!"

Next is Wanda who sends her picture and comment here:-
"Here's day 4.  I made sure I had a cup of coffee before I started and it went much better today : )  I still have no idea what this is, but I'm still having fun!"

Next is Hannah who must think I'm senile!!!  Maybe she's right!!!  This is what she says but I'm sure she doesn't expect a reply - not a serious one!!!!
"Here’s my day 4.  This is very intriguing (what is it??!!)"

Now the next comment and picture is from Melanie.  This is what she says:-
"I'm getting really creative sending this! I tried to reply to your message earlier, but my email program must have decided my outgoing message was junk. I refuse to believe that! So, hopefully this gets to you."

Just checked my inbox last thing before going to bed and there was Joanie with her day 4.  She says:-
"Here is day 4 - you will see that my TIAS is like Kelly's (almost the same color also) and like Marco's. In this position they remind me of a brain (a small brain similar to Martha Ess's. Please tell Martha that I did not mean to insult her 'brain'!). Perhaps that is what this will be, a brain cell #3 for each one of us who tats!!!!
I noticed Isa's 'family' seemed to be increasing also. I believe that it increases as to what day the TIAS is!

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