Friday, 8 January 2010

Announcing day 2

Still 'snowed in' here in my part of tat land.  Beginning to go 'stir crazy'!!!  Who said that I'm already crazy?  I know I am!!!

Anyway, here's the link for day 2.  Now that everybody has got into the swing of it I think I'll be 'hotting up the pace' for a few days although things do get more 'challenging' later!!!!!


♥Heather♥ said...

woo hoo its 5am here in my corner and still snowing as well...
Once my eyes wake up a little more I will be working on this
Have a good day!

Sue Cutter said...

Started part one yesterday, a bit more done this morning, but no photo yet. I really need to get these printed off so I can carry them along in the motor home for the winter. No printer there, although I could conceivably work with the laptop open to one side.