Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday morning.

Just waking up and thought I'd clear the inbox of the new 'incomings' first before I release day 7!!!

First in are three days from Sunela who says:-
"I am all caught up now.  Here they are....  I have absolutely no clue as what it is going to be."

Last in this morning (so far!!!) with day 6 is Bernice who says:-
"I need to work on my color changes but oh well."
That looks fine to me, Bernice.  Excellent, in fact.

First in with day 7 (I was waiting for you!!) is Isa, of course!!!!  She says:-
"Here it's my TIAS day 7. And I know what it is................... A Beautiful ???? ......."

Next in is from Margaretha who says she still hasn't guessed:-
"Good morning! Well  here is Day 7 still can’t figure it out . Oh well I am sure that we will know soon."

Back from Silver Surfers at the local library and I have a few more day 7's to show you.  
First in is from Denise who says:-
"Here is my Day 7. How many days do we have left. It has really been lots of fun checking to see when you post another piece of the pattern. Thank you for the TIAS!!"
4 more days, Denise, just 4 more!!!!

Now we have Lai Ellen's day 7 with her guesses:-
"Day 7 done!  Suddenly dwell on me it might be a rooster, but the tail part looks a bit too sweeping down, so my guess is a peacock."

The final one in today (well, that's my day based on GMT) is from Patsy who says:-
"Here is my day 7.  My guess is a bird.  If my colors were different I would guess a chicken as it has comb on it's head.
But the first part has me puzzled.  With my colors it has to be an exotic bird from the jungle.  A cockatiel."

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