Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday - a bit later on!!!

Just in from Anita is her contribution!!  Here's what she says:-
"Jane, Here's my Day 1. I'm using #10 crochet cotton.  Decided to use Fiesta Colors to make it bright and fun!  I'm a new needle tatter, just learning the basic techniques.  Hope I can complete the project!"

Next in is from Heather who says:-
"I am going to keep up with this one... i hope :)   Heather"
Don't worry, Heather, I'm sure you'll keep up.

Now Caroline has sent her day 1 in.  She says:-
"Sorry for being slow.  New camera that took a while to figure out.  I am using Lizabeth thread size 20."

Next we have Geraldine's contribution and she says:-
"well Jane ,you have done it again, got us using are brain cells to think what brain #3 has come up with this time.mine at present looks like frog with no head. what a wonderful way to start the new year. "

 Now the next day 1 is from Melanie who says:-
"Attached is my imperfect photo of my attempt at the TIAS day 1. I love puzzles and can't wait to see day 2!"


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Yuma Tatter aka Anita said...

Jane says I should have both chains facing the same way... I thought it was a cute Ram's Head (LOL), but I guess I'll do it over.