Wednesday, 13 January 2010


First in today is from Jessica who sends her picture along with another AND the following remarks:-
"This is my first TIAS and although i've been challenged, it has been great fun! here are my days 1-3, fashionable late i am! :)

Your mini-tutorials within the pattern are great, I was too chicken to try hiding my ends the way you suggested in my first row, but I started doing it in the second and all subsequent rows! it's not as hard as it may seem, especially with your little diagrams, they're a great help! I've been thoroughly amused by Martha Ess' guesses and included drawings, she is hilarious! my comment, about days one and two, is that it looks like a little group of amoeba!!! i'm waiting on the edge of my chair for the rest of the days instructions and can't wait to see what everyone comes out with in the end!!!

YIKES, Jessica - keep that 'thing' away from brain cell 3!!!!!

Next in is from Bernice who says:-
"I think I am caught up with my day 3 completed.  I had a little trouble with the reverse using the needle method but it looks about like the others so here it is."

Well I got up early this morning as I have to be out later to teach Silver Surfers in the library.  I thought I would get one or two day '4's' in by lunchtime but here I am - still not showered and dressed when Isa's day 4 comes wandering into my inbox!!!!!!  This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane here is my TIAS day 4. I waited with anxieties this day and my friends too :).  Best regards from a snowing south of Sweden....  I always put in my blog all about your TIAS. "
If you go to Isa's blog you will find the 'translate' tool which means you can read her blog in all languages.  Thanks to Isa I've now got this on my blog too!!!!
I think Isa's family is growing too.  Must go and check!!!!!

Just had lunch and I'm back at the 'driving wheel' again!!  First this afternoon is from Josie who says:-
"Here is day 4, good job I noticed I'd got the count wrong on the last chain of day 3."

Now we've got Katie who really ought to get a life like she says!!! 
"couldn't wait and got up way early to tat Day 4--it's just too exciting.  Maybe I should get a life!  Today's piece made me think of a British judge in traditional wig--with a tradition-breaking tatted cravatte.
Anyway, my submission here proves that I should stick to tatting and leave photography to others.  Thanks for the fun!"

Next is Riet who says this:-
"I slept very long this morning so the members of my guild had to wait a long time, but the day 4 is up now on my blog. It is still cold and freezing. So I will go on with tatting. "

The next picture is day 3 from Margaret who says:-
"When will computers start doing what they are told?!  I've just spent ages printing off day 4 and scanning day 3 but tatting day 4 has taken about 5 mins.!! Anyway here is the scan for day 3.  Have no idea as yet as to what we are tatting but I did wonder if the first part was a wing!  Are we tatting an angel?  Or a fairy?  Will day 5 throw any light, I wonder. Can't wait to find out!"

Next is from Sonja who says this:-
"Here is my day 4. No idea what it will be. Fun"

Ah, at last.  The one we've been waiting for - is there an answer to the 'mystery of the Wothi'?  Just arrived from Marjan who says:-
"Now it is beyond all doubt! A real Wothi is being born! Nobody, absolute nobody can deny this - a real Wothi in all her beauty! Wothi is so proud of herself, she is singing her Wothi song all day. Driving me grazy to be frank, you know the song, it gets under your skin in a nasty way after hearing it for the ten thousandth time........
But hey.... lets not complain, her screaming and crying is much, much worse!
 looking forward for day 5!!"

Next is Brenda who has a very good point to make about housework.  I'm with  you on that one, Brenda - it is a swear word!!!:-
"Here is my day 4. Can't imagine what it is going to be.  I am going to swear again now.  Going to do my voluntary work now. Much better work than....

Now the next in is from Mary who says this:-
"Well I finished day 4.  It looks like I created some kind of bug dragging his shell along, really freaky…LOL"

Shanan's day 4 has just arrived too.  This could be the answer to the conundrum - or could it?
"Here is my day 4!  Still not sure what it is, but day 1&2 could make a cute hat with those frilly tails and streamers!  Day 3 and 4 is kinda looking like the head of a pony though.....hmmmmm.  Maybe a pony with a party hat on????"

Now it's Geraldine's turn to 'second guess'.  Here's her contribution having finished day 4:-
"Hi Jane, well day fours here and still has us wondering what brain #3 has come up with.As you can see i did sit in front of fire on Sunday and tryed days 1/2 as you did them with success. I always try to hide my ends and Finnish using Filament/fishing line."

Next are Heather's days 3 and 4.  Thanks, Heather.  All contributions are very welcome.

Next offering is from Sue Anna who says this:-
"Attached is my pic of all 4 days together. I'm thinking we are constructing a woolie mammoth or a snufalumpegus( from Sesame Street)."
You could be right, you know.  OR it's that Wothi changing into the snufalumpegus and this is the 'bit in between'!!!!

Now we have Melanie's day 4 and she says:-
"Good afternoon or evening-
I have completed my attempt at day 4 directions. I'm intrigued!  Looking forward to seeing how it all fits together."

Next is Deanna who has sent in day 4.  This is what she says:-
"Here is Day 4.  This looks like a little turtle with his head in the ground."

Chris has just sent hers in and her guess sounds good to me!!!
"Another not-great picture, but here's Day 4.  And clearly, it's a giraffe. In disguise :)"

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