Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday morning

Good morning one and all residents of tat land!!

First today is from Kika who says:-
"DAY 5 tatted and ready! Thank you Jane, this is very fun"

Next in the inbox is from Anita who says this:-
"Here's day 5... I love the small increments that can be completed in minutes... sometimes that's all the time I have... completed todays while hubby was in the store.  Keep 'em comin'."

Next is Shannan who says:-
"I'm still thinking it is a pretty prancing pony in a pink party hat!!"

Next in is from Martha who is apologising for keeping us all amused!!!  Silly lass - we all LOVE your daft comments and pictures.  Here's what she says:-
"Sorry for getting carried away with the silliness.  This is obviously going to be Kokopelli."

Next we  have Ann-Sofie who says this:-
"This is great fun. Thank you Jane.  As Bernice said, It really looks like a turtle at this moment. A very sweet one."

It's now Saturday afternoon in my wee corner of tat land and Marco's day 5 has just arrived.  This is her contribution to the guesses:-
"I  think it is a  octopussy.  Hope my spelling is  correct.  Here  is  the  photo of part  five!!!  The tree  from yesterday must be  the number 3 hihi."

Now we have Jane's offering and she's supporting Judith too which is GR8.  Thanks, Jane.  This is what she says:-
"Hi Jane, I hope you didn't think I'd dropped out - just disorganised!   I think I'm up to date now. By the way, Judith doesn't have access to the internet at the moment so I've passed the TIAS on to her, page by page by e-mail. I hope that's ok!"

Next into my inbox is Joanie but I'm not allowed to tell you what her thoughts are.  She's asked me to withold them from the blog - which I respect.  BUT I will tell you that it made me blush!!!  Oh, by the way, she's wrong and so was the other person who guessed the same!!!!

Next is from Sue Anna who sends in her guess as well as the day 5 on it's own.  

Now the next is from Wanda who says this:-
"Here's my day 5.  I put all the days together to see if they would tell me what they were going to be, but they remained mute. I even put a bead out, but it wouldn't tell me, either!"

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