Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday's Rooster parade!

First in this morning is from Melanie in AMERICA who sends a picture of her Norman with her egg.  This is what she has to say:-
"Here is a picture of Norman saying hello to my resident rooster egg. I can't recall when or where I made the egg, I was introduced to Pysanki about the same time I taught myself to tat. Since it was a misty, moisty morning of cloudy weather. Perhaps he thought he would chance to meet an old man, clothed all in leather.

 I had fun with TIAS of Norman the rooster. Perhaps I will create a family of egg and tatted chickens during Lent."

Next in is from AUSTRALIA and Margaretha who says:-
"Well here is Ausie Norman, and he is from a place called Cedar Grove In Queensland.  Anyway I have really enjoyed my TIAS and have also learned a few things in Tatting. Your instructions were easy to follow. Thank you for being so patient."

Next in from AMERICA and Patsy is her gorgeous Norman.  This is her comment:-
"Here's my "Norman the Rooster", finished and strutting his stuff.  He's on the prowl, looking for
his hen friends.  So bring them on.  All hens welcome and even some chicks."

Now we have Sue Anna's rooster with an explanation for his colour!!!! She lives in AMERICA.  
"Well Jane here he is in all his glory 'flying' in from lovely Norhtern Illinois( 45 miles south of Milwaukee, Wis. home to Yarnplayer and 60 miles north of Chicago,Il ) in beautiful Antioch,Il. We have 'special' rooster seed as you see. He is a bright shade of orange due to his diet.The green is all that healthy 'celery' he had. He will be sad as he has to say goodbye to all his friends, but until next time... Thanks for all the fun Jane, I look forward to reading all your lovely posts on your blog. I am working on Norman's family and as soon as I get them done, I'll send you a pic. Lots of fun tatting!"

From yet another part of our world comes Kika in CHILE.  She says:-
"DAY 11: Rooster project finished successfully! Eagerly awaiting next mission!  Thank you for these beautiful days! Salutations from Chile!"

Back to AMERICA for Melanie's picture.  She says:-
"Here is my Norman, he lives in Indiana, USA.  I enjoyed seeing his family also already thinking of ways to use them."

Just found Donna's rooster which has flown all the way from AMERICA!!!  Here's what she says:-
"I have never done the TAIS before. I can't even tell you how I stumbled across it this time, but I am REALLY glad I did.  I found the blog around day 7 and I have been working on it since. I have truely enjoyed watching all of the pictures progress and reading everyone's comments. This has truely brightened my outlook for this month. I am including a copy of my "Norman" who is running a muck in the wheat fields of Kansas. (USA)"

Just back from doing 'essential chores' etc.  This is the next one in from Wendy in SINGAPORE.  She says:-
"You are a tease.  Here is my completed rooster. Notice the large thighs. He is Norman from an urban farm in Singapore. Thank you so much for doing this TIAS. I definitely learnt from this exercise. I love how you designed the legs. Did you know we eat chicken legs here.  Thank you for the pattern for Norman's family. I want to tat that soon and post the whole family."

Now we're back in THE NETHERLANDS with Janny's rooster.  She says:-
"From Ede, the Netherlands is this my Norman. I've really enjoyed this TIAS. Thanks a lot for the nice pattern.  And Riet: thank you very much for translation!!

WOW, we now have our next rooster from OMAN.  Thank you, Nima.  I would like to suggest that you DO read Nima's blog.  I found it most interesting to read her 'journey with Norman'.  It's a good guide to me for the next TIAS too.  Here's Nima's comment with her blog link:-
"I have completed the TIAS rooster and attaching an image herewith. I know it is not really a perfect finish to show the "teacher". I have blogged about the TIAS journey, please look into my blog - Made to treasure  Thank you so much for the TIAS.."

Next in is Anita from AMERICA.  Her rooster isn't called Norman!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Meet Rocky, the Rooster!  He has finally arrived in Yuma, strutting his Fiesta colors.  He's a cousin to Norman, and he's excited to hear that there may be a new pullet coming to town, Stonie!  He dreams that perhaps they'll get together and produce little 'Rockettes'!  Seriously, thanks for the fun project!  It's been an adventure for a new tatter, and good practice at following a pattern.  I've also been making your 'very small butterfly' in various variegated colors to glue to ribbon for bookmarks... love the pattern.  We don't really have to wait until next January for another TIAS, do we????"

Now I present Rayanna from AMERICA's rooster.  This is what she has to say:-
" I am so pleased with myself on my first TIAS.  Here is my "humpback norman rooster".  He must have injured himself after chasing the Hen.  Thanks again."

Next I have a complaining email from Margaret in ENGLAND.  Well, not from her but from her rooster!!!!  This is what she says:-
"Well here comes "Naughty Norman" from Norfolk!  Why do I call him naughty?  Because he didn't give me a minutes peace until I said I'd give him two legs.  Whinge, whinge, whinge.  How do you expect me to eat properly?  How can I get all the way to Jane's place?  How do ...... and so it went on till I was tearing my hair out.  In the end I had to give in to him and told him it would serve him right if he wasn't allowed on the blog.  Sorry about all this."

Next we have Martha in AMERICA who sends her Norman in.  This time she's got it right and says:-
"This is obviously Norman, of course."

Another of Riet's friends called Ankie from THE NETHERLANDS has sent her rooster in to join the farmyard!!!  This is the message that came with it through Riet:-
"Hi Jane another rooster that want to be with all the others
Ankie asked me to mail the picture to you . She lives in the city Groningen a city up in the north of the country in the province also called Groningen. The east boarder of the province is Germany."

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