Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday morning

First into my inbox on yet another dull, dreary, damp day is from Sue Anna who says:-
"Hi Jane, Have attached a picture of my "birdie" day 7. Also have got some delicious new hdt from Yarnplayer. I just might redo the whole TIAS in it when we are done. The thread is 'Nectarine' and it is gorgeous.(I like orange and wine colors together lol)."

Next in is from Liz who says:-

"Here’s my day 7 attempt.  Am I correct in saying the SLT is shoelace tying?"
Answer - yes, Liz. You're right.

Next is Bev who sends in her flock with their pedigrees and she says:-
"What to do, what to do?  These birds are very hard to corral!  Especially since one, the brown one is a lady who is not so foul as to be followed by a couple of he fowls.  The thing is, the pinkish one, is more, "Don't ask, don't tell".  However, since there is a lady in the flock…(no jokes about flock), I find they are multiplying and I'm afraid I'll run out of shuttles.
SERIOUSLY,  Don't these remind you of the wonderful old line drawings found in "Alice in Wonderland?"  No, not the Cheshire cat; but the 'mallets' that Alice and the Queen used to play croquet.  Once they get their legs, the game is on!  
Bev in Wonderland    LOL   LOL  LOL  (laffs hysterically) 
Girl Bird is size 20 HDT   LSMaker's middle earth, Tatskool's Chocolate Sauce, and Tatskool's Antique Bronze
Middle Boy Bird is s. 20 Lisbeth Cotton Candy, Peach, and HDT Vibrato by Yarnplayer
Last Boy (who was tatted first, actually) is Vibrato "tail", Tatskool's RB Blue, and Peach."

I also have a blog link next from our favourite 'Crazy Mom'.  Click here.

There's also a comment from Stephanie who says:-
"sorry, no camera, no working scanner here....but since "Day 1" I have been saying it's a giant squid.  Actually it looks like some sort of exotic bird (exotic because of the 3 thread colors, including a variegated which I am guessing is some sort of long tail.  So far we seem to have a wing, tail, and head/partial head....and I am guessing that we will be tatting around the wing to make a body (and legs?)  Then again, I may be so far off that you'll take an extra day before you've recovered from laughing enough to be able to post the next bit of the pattern. "

Now we have Rosemary who is catching up with life in general after helping her daughter move house!!!  Here's what she has to say:-
"Anyway, after a lot of undoing and redoing especially day 6 I've finally completed the challenge and I'm up to date again and (im)patiently waiting for the next challenging day.  It's fun and even my husband is taking an interest-he wanted to know why I used a bobby pin?  Answer, I couldn't find a paper clip or a safety pin at my daughter's place."

Finally Day 7 with the guess that it's a rooster!!!  I wonder!!!!

Well I managed to get my shower today before Isa got her day 8 back to me!!!!  This is a game for me, Isa.  I call it 'racing Isa'!!!  Here's what she has to say:-
"Jane today was a challange for me. But I think I did well. What do you think?....
My creature maybe it's going to be from another planet :).......
My best regards...."

Next in is from Margaretha who says this:-
"Hi Jane!!!! I think that this part of my tatting hasn't turned out pretty well!!!!!!!"
So do I.  It's not an easy day and you've done it really well.  Congratulations.

Next is from Heather who has a vivid imagination, I think!!!! This is her idea of what it's going to be:-
"My guess now is a baby dragon, or loch ness monster? lol"

Now we have a communication from Katie who says:-
"Well, Jane, you're outed now!  Marquesa de Sade!!  We've been sailing along gently and now on Day 8, you try to turn us into gymnasts or, worse, contortionists.  What up with that?  Changing threads, burying ends and using the picot gauge all in the same maneuver!  Good grief, girl.  Getting your jollies, are you?  ;)    And now I know why you named the files as you did!  How do we find which is Day  4?!!  More sadism, pure and simple!!  That's what we get for being so clever to figure out finally what we're tatting!
You're one heck of a little dickens, you are!!  hugs anyway."

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