Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday morning early!

I am still 'taking in' all the other days as it doesn't matter which stage you're at. I'm happy to take anything!!!!  Day 5's are now coming in but those are the 'early birds'!!!!!

First in today is from Denise who says this:-
"Here is my Day 4. I ran out of thread on Day 3 so I had to retat Day 3 when I did day 4. Somehow I ended up with a slightly larger center around the four rings of day 3. Can't wait for the next piece. I still have no idea what this is. I'm going to guess some type of marine creature like a jellyfish or maybe a mermaid!"

Next is Martha who has been playing again!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Gumby celebrates his appointment as the new president of the Hair Club for Men (he's also a member!).  The extra item we are to need later will be the googly eyes. The mixture of colors is to avoid difficulty with copyright infringement."

OK, now let's tell you this story - true, I promise!!!  I wander out of bed after my first cuppa tea (and a quick pee) to the computer.  I add the links to the two blogs and JUST as I'd done that in pops Isa into my inbox!!!!  One of the links doesn't work.  Thanks, Isa.  
I corrected that and did my mass mailing to the Ring of Tatters people who are not on groups or blog watchers.  Imagine my surprise when there's another email from Isa with day 5 FINISHED!!!  That little group of watchers is growing by the day too!!!  Thanks, Isa.  I love seeing the pictures as they come in.  This is what she said:-
"Now I already finish TIAS day 5. I think it's a head of some bird. BUt it's like a head of a mouse too. :)."

I've managed to fit in a shower and my bowl of porridge so now I'm back to the coal face!!!  Geraldine has sent in her colourful day 5 and says:-
"Good morning, as you see i got up early and started day 5. this bit reminds me of a creature you find on the beach, may be its a hint that whatever it is,is from the deep blue sea???????  love martha's man."

Next in is from Katie who is having a guess too!!!!  Here's her contribution with day 5:-
"What a lovely little piece we have now.  Here's my crew following our fearless leader, who says we need a little black bead next time!  Ah-ha!  It's an eye, right?  We have a critter for sure, but what?!  Lovin' everyone's comments and guesses."

Next is from Elizabeth who deserves a prize for stamina!!!  Here's what she says:-
"OMG, I had four attempts at this – I repeated day 3 and 4 because there wasn’t enough thread on the shuttles (and I’m not that adventurous to add new thread), then the other two attempts just didn’t look right (sometimes I’m not sure what shuttle to use) and here is the last attempt; which I’m not happy with as I am not sure if I did the last ring correct or not."

Elizabeth managed to confuse me when I got back to the computer an hour or two later because she'd dropped in again with day 5!!!  I was amazed!!!  Here's what she said:-
"Me again,  Guess what – here is day 5.  Now that is pretty quick for me!"

The next offering is from Ginny - what lovely colours.

Now we have Sonja who says:-
"Here is my day 5. I love it."

Debbie has kindly sent in the link to her blog which is well worth a visit.  

Here's the day 5 from Marjan.  Still no answers to the Wothi question.  Here's what's happening in 'Wothi land' today:-
"Here is day 5 of the Wothi!  

I had to drag her out of a meeting this time!
It so happens that she is one of the organizers of the WWW convention next month.
(WWW = Wothi's World Wide - as you probably know) The theme this time is Wothi's World Wide Unite!!  A lot of work for her as you can imagine and therefore almost no time left for a photoshoot, but.... here she is!  greetings and love from Wothi & Marjan."

Next in is from Heather who says:-
"I havent a clue on what it could be I got 'nothin' lol"

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