Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Later on Tuesday!

Sue has just sent in her day 3 and as I was asked to find out what colours she's using for her days 1 and 2 parts I'm going to put that down here under the picture even though it's in the comment on the previous post!!!  Follow that?  Good, I'm lost!!!!!  Actually the threads concerned are in the picture at the top of the previous post.  This is what she said about this picture:-
"My color 2 is really leaf green, although it looks yellow in the picture.  I haven't cut the threads yet, since there was no instruction to do that....  Looking forward to Day 4!"

This is the answer to the thread colour question:-
"My thread is a brand called Lizbeth.  I bought it in a local Hobby Lobby store, and I notice it comes from Handy Hands.  It is a cotton cordonnet and works up very nicely.  Correction: the third color is not Teal Dark, but is rather Country Turquoise Medium."

Next into the inbox on this dreary cold winter's afternoon is a cheerfully coloured one from Karen who says this:-
"Hello and thank you  this is my first go at doing a tias and am enjoying it and cannot wait until the next release. I was told about this by Geraldine and we now have a small show and tell between ourselves. (her's is alway's done first) still cannot decide what end product will be. keep up the good work karen"

Now the next in is Debbie who says this:-
"I gave it one more try and I think I have it.  It looks like the others' pictures.  Thanks for the encouragement!"

Now next person to head into the inbox is Bernice who says:-
"Finally found time to do day 1 and 2.  Bernice / Full time RVer in Yuma for the winter.  My guess is a fish."

Just on my way to bed and Shanan popped in to say this:-

"LOL!  You wouldn't believe this, but I got finished with all of the instruction for day 3 BEFORE I realized I had forgotten to RW for the chain following R4.  Ugh!  I'm getting good at untatting though after having to untat 20 chain stitches and a lj.  I also tatted day 1 and day 2 in my new pink HDT I just finished making.  I plan to make a copy of Whatchamacallit in white and pink."

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