Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday morning early!

First in today is from Alba who thinks she's struggling but is right on track.  Well done Alba.  You are doing really well following the pattern.  Wonder if I'd be able to do it?!?!?!  Here's what she says:-
"I am still very confused. Maybe I am learning to follow instructions... ???..."

Next is from Kika who asks this:-
"DAY 8 finished without a problem! Is it a bird?"

Patsy has popped in with this guess:-
"OK we know this is some kind of a bird.  Peacock, it is not.  Now I have two guesses.  Turkey?  Rooster?   Am I any closer?  Is one right?"

Now we have a link from Wendy S to her blog here.  This is what she says:-
" I have my Day 7 and 8 done and on listed here - I am not sure if it is correct. Please tell me if I have it all wrong.  Yes I am the lazy gal that ties the ends in a knot and try to hide it behind but sometimes it shows up like a sore thumb. Lazy, lazy me!!"
It looks perfect, Wendy.  Perfect.  Oh, except for the ends, of course!!!!!!!!  

Next is from JaneM who says this:-
"Hi Jane, herewith day 8. Mine looks a bit muddled, compared to the other photos I've seen, I hope I'm still on the right track! Happy tats,"

Last into the inbox on this early morning 'update' is from Tine who asks this:-
"Is it a Bird of Paradise?"

Saturday afternoon now and I have Riet's day 7 & day 8 to share.  Actually, Riet has sent in days 9, 10 & 11 too as she has the pattern a few days ahead to translate for her Dutch guild.  Anyway, here are her 7 & 8:-

The Wothi is BACK.  Here's what Marjan has to say:-
"I did promise you Wothi will be back and her she is!
Even better, more beautiful, elegant, lovely, cute,
graceful then yesterdag and so modest too!
You are so right Jane, she lookes very much like me!!
But then again at the end of the day we are all Wothi's, are we not? 
 greetings and love from a fully recovered Wothi and Marjan"

Next in is from Elizabeth who says:-
"I did this yesterday so here it is.  We know it isn't a one-eyed octopus."

Next is my little sister's.  Sally says this:-
"Here is my TIAS, think its okay, now regretting using that cotton though, a bit floppy when doing this kind of thing.  Also lost the other shuttle with the original colour on, was using it for something else!
Not allowed to guess what it is, am I?"

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