Friday, 15 January 2010

Later on Friday

I've started a new post as the other one was getting tooooo long and I was getting confused!!! 
Here's day 5 from Deanna who says:-
" Color looks different but it is the same green 'creature'.  Had a bit of trouble with the '+SR7' but finally got it right.  I still think it looks like a turtle --- maybe swimming in the water???"

Next into my inbox is Caroline who is having a good (or is it good?) guess:-
"Well, the little thiefs did it to me again.  I thought I knew exactly where I laid my TIAS down yesterday and when I did it I thought to myself that they would get it, but did it any way - so it is my fault right.  Had to look for it while they sat and looked at me like I'm not telling.  I did find it so here it is.  Have we used the third color yet or did I miss that part.  I am still sticking with my guess but it may be a bird instead of a chicken.  HA!"

Now the next in is IsDihara who has this to say:-
"Such a cute and graceful motif, Jane! I am imagining all sorts of things, from pretty petals to ice cream cones.  Will we be switching thread colors on Day 6 as well as adding a bead?"
HECK, lass, how should I know?!?!?!?!?

Next is Heather M who says:-
"still no guesses as to what it is.... yet :)"

Next in (and after a glass of red wine) is from Brenda E who says this:-
"Here is my day 5. I had to do all the days again. It didn't work out because I didn't quite understand
the switching of shuttles. Now I do!! Thanks Jane.  I haven't any idea what it can be."

Oh, that's me that drank the glass of red - not Brenda.  Well, not as far as I know!!!

Each time I go to pick up my shuttles another email pops in.  I'm NOT complaining - I'm very happy.  This time it's Josie who sends her day 5 in.  This is what she says:-
"I've no idea what it will be, but I'm enjoying the pondering :-)

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