Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday lunchtime

A new post as the other's getting rather full!!!
Next in is from Wendy S who says, after asking me for clues and getting a silly reply!!!
"Can't blame a girl for trying. This is my tatted something, Day 2 and 3 for you. Day 3 is done in dark brown. Now would that go with that pink, you think? Would that be too much contrast?"
Anything goes with a TIAS Wendy!!!!

Now another pink offering - hope I don't get confused!!!  This time from Rosemary who says:-
"Finally I got Day 2  finished!  My husband scanned this one and it looks a lot clearer than Day 1.

Looking forward to Day 3 which I've noticed is in my inbox already - unopened.  Gosh!  some tatters are quick off the mark"

Next we have Deanna's day 3.  She says the following:-
"Day 3 is attached.  I enjoyed doing this one.  My fingers are learning to cooperate.  Not sure if the colors will be right.  I thought I was using a 20 wt thread but turns out it was 30 wt and have very few colors in that weight."

Here's the one we've all been waiting for - Marjan's with her 'explanation' of a Wothi.  I THINK!!!!
"Hello Jane,
 Here is my day 3 of Wothi. Unfortunately I let her read your blog and now....
She red that more people didn't know what she is and even one person thougt she was OLD(!) German .....
Old... she is just 3 days old and pure Dutch! Somebody asked for hints but Wothi forbid me togive them but naughty as I am, while she was asleep, I put al her parts together for the foto. So now everybody can see what a Wothi is! Lets just hope Wothi won't find out what I did!!!"

Now we have Elizabeth's picture.  She's sent in both day 2 and day 3 together.
"Here is my Day 2 and 3"

 Nearly time for tea now and I've done nothing today except talk to all the super tatters who keep dropping into my inbox!!!  Next in is Stephanie who says this:-
"Happy Sunday!  Day 2 Fresh off the scanner.  I won't even hazard a guess yet because I don't have the slightest idea.  Just noticed the link for Day 3 is up so I am off to pick a color." 

This is pure dedication - DO read Bonnie's message:-
"i hope this works .. i saw.u'd posted day 3 today so i did mine in the car on the way 2 the ship ... size 40 tatskool solid from coral reef collection .... Bonnie"

Now we've got Hannah's contributions for all three days!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Taking part is the easy part!  You’re the one who’s created all of this fun and excitement in tat-land!  Attached is a picture with my tatting for days 2 and 3.  My guess is that this is going to be a tropical fish!"

Riet is translating the TIAS for her guild members and here are three pictures from Cobie.  As Riet says - this is very interesting as all the colours are so different.  Thanks, Cobie.

Next in is from Sue Anna who says:-
"Day 3 attached. OK so it is not looking like a giant squid. Now I really have no idea!"

Next I have a link to Rayanna's blog.  That looks grand, Rayanna but do tell your daughter that they will have to wait for the rest of the 'fishy' (????) story!!!

Now the next is Heather's contribution with the following remarks:
"Day 3 coming at ya Jane, its a Who-see-whats-it? or perhaps -

It looks like a basket in the wind with a flower?? no?? They arent attached that is just how I took the pictures lol.  Thanks Jane I am still stumped. My daughter said it is a lady lol. My day 3 is in deep dark green!"

Next is from Brenda who seems to be getting distracted by (dare I swear on this blog?) housework!!!  YIKES - I said the dreaded word.  Anyway she's done day 3 after doing the H word.  Here's what she said:-
"Had to clean up Jane. I had more thread on the floor than I had to work with."

Now we have Sandra's offering.  Hope Curly's watching progress too - or is he out driving?  Here's Sandra's blog link - if you want a 'giggle a day' do read her blog.  Here's her day 3 offering:-
"The fringed thing could be a horse's mane.  Do you like my colors?" 
Love your colours - very 'suitable' maybe!!!!

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