Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wednesday morning and more day 10's

First in this morning is from Debbie who says:-

"Here is My TIAS for day 10.  I hope you will do this again soon!"

Next in is from Sandra who is having a very busy personal life at the moment. Hope it all quietens down soon, Sandra.  Here's her days 8 - 10.
"Here's days 8-10"

Next in is from Andrea who says:-
"I’m Andrea. I’m a new tatter & decided to try the TIAS as my first project. I’ve learned SO MUCH!! Like, how to untat – over & over & over… and undo a ring after you’ve closed it – over & over & over…. I’m very good at these skills now & feel well-qualified to teach someone else how to undo almost anything .

 Anyway, I’m finally caught up and finished (such as it is) with Day 10. I’m not totally thrilled with my little (rooster?) but it’s sort of looking like the others, mostly, and not terrible for a first attempt, eh?
 Thanks so much for this great learning experience! I can’t wait for the next one."

Now we have Martha who says:-
"A Cthulu monster with a jaunty hat over one eye? Jane, you amaze me."
Later from Martha I got this explanation:-
"A Cthulu (??the Cthulu) is apparently from the horror novels of  H. P. Lovecraft, which I haven't read.  I stumble over the image occasionally, on novelty T-shirts or amigurumi sites"

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