Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday afternoon heading towards evening!

I thought it was about time to start another post!!!
First in on this one is Karen who very rightly says:-
"Hello Jane here is my offering so far. Think the same as most people that it a rooster or turkey, with all these stunning colours that people have done it would be a colourful farm yard."

Next in is from Rayanna who says:-
"I have done day 9.  Thanks for helping me see what I missed on the design.  I will make note so that way when I do a second one I will be aware.  It's alot of fun doing this.  I enjoy seeing everyone's bird on your website.  Happy Tatting!"

Next is from Sonja who says this:-
"Here is my day 9. I see I made a lot of mistakes (but I made them invisible). I made my long picots not long enough  (wide 1/2 inch and not high 1/2 inch). But I go on!! When we are finished I make a new one. Still fun."

Next in is from Shanan who says:-
"Here is my day 8 and I am loving the chance to see all these colorful roosters.  One particular song comes to mind and I have been humming it in my head all weekend, " De Colores!" 
The verse about the rooster goes something like this for the English speaking tatters: from

Sings the rooster
Sings the rooster with his kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri
And the cluck hen with her cara cara cara cara cara
And the baby chicks
And the baby chicks with their pio pio pio pio pi
De Colores and so must all love be
of many bright colors
to make my heart cry
De Colores and so must all love be
of many bright colors
to make my heart cry. is a link to the song that talks about the rooster in spanish.  Just be warned, If you listen to it, I'm sure it will get stuck in your head as well!
De Colores! Shanan"

Poor Heather is ahead of herself!!!  She sent this in as day 10!!!  Here's what she said:-
"hmmmm I am confused now lol Chicken? Dragon? Birdie? I labeled the photo day 10 guess i am getting ahead of myself lol"

Next in is Deanna who says:-
"Here is Day 9.  My rooster is in reverse for some reason.  I took the long picots out of the 'collar'  since they're kind of short.  Can't wait to finish so I can start anew. This was so much fun."

Oh dear, I'm in trouble with Joanie and her hubby.  Complaints about legs!!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Norman, My 'bird' is getting quite agitated! He is becoming very tired of having his picture taken so often. He wants to run away, but he can't until you send the pattern for some legs for him!!! He is making his plea: "Legs!!! PULEEESSSSEEE!!!" Rick says if he is a leg-horn, he would definitely need legs!!!"

Next is from Shanan who also sends another picture for us all to enjoy!!!  Here's what she has to say:-
Here is my Day 9!  And a pic of our pet roo, Speckles."
Does anybody see the similarity?!?!?!

Next in is from Debbie who says:-
"Here is Day 9--Loved seeing it come together.  I think it is a cockatoo??"

Next in is Kika's day 9 sitting on his own branch!!!  She has this to say:-
"DAY 9: the little bird is resting in a branch, waiting for its tiny feet."

Good to see Patsy next with her picture and her evaluation of the 'thing' you're all making!!!  Here's her 'take' on it:-
"We're slowly getting there.  My old rooster has his chest puffed up and ready to strut his stuff in front of all those hens he's expecting to show up.  I'm hoping "HENS" will be our next TIAS. Then baby peeps.  Easter is coming. : )"

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