Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday morning

Saturday morning and things have slowed down.  
All roosters are welcome whenever they get finished!!!!  
There'll be room in the coup for all!!!

First in today is from Vanessa who says:-
"Thanks for organising this TIAS, it was really fun.  Attached is my version, Max.  

It was really interesting to look at everyone else's TIAS to see the same product in a variety of threads."

The next rooster comes from Manie in THE NETHERLANDS.  This was forwarded on from Riet who gives this information about Manie's part of the country:-
"Good morning , here is the Rooster of Manie. She lives in Rijswijk a small village in the Betuwe. This is a piece of our country between the big rivers and it is a very famous place, because in the spring there are all over that country fruit-trees blooming It is a very nice environment to visit in the spring.

You know what is so wonderful during a TIAS a lot of tatters are not only learning new techniques in tatting, but also making scans and e-mail them and so on.  Is there still room enough in your henhouse, because they are coming in with dozens, are they making a lot of noise or are they quiet. Take care the neighbors will not complain about the noise. In my neighborhood they don’t want henhouses."
Next in is from Linda in AMERICA (New Mexico) and she says:-
"Thank you Jane Eborall for the January TIAS.  The neck area became twisted but I forgot to change threads for the beak and didn't add a big bead. The rooster has 2 eyeballs.."All the better to see with"! I added some orange thread to the beak. Jane did a great job explaining every step including pictures of "how to".   Fun Project during the winter snow!"

Now we have Wendy's rooster all the way from ENGLAND!!!!  She says:-
"Here is is finished.  Thanks for doing it all, I can imagine how much work it takes to organise a TIAS.  They are great fun though and I am sure greatly appreciated by us all." 

From a 'bit' further away comes the rooster from Maria in MEXICO.  Maria says:-
"Dear Jane it has been a pleasure tatt with you this nice I send you my mexican vertion of NORMAN.....I hope you like it... and please don´t stop......I know you are one of the great moden tatters at this time.
A big, big hug!
Maria Alcantara. Mexico"

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