Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Thursday parade continues!

This next rooster has come from Ann-Sofie in SWEDEN.  She says:-
"This is my new pet Norman. He is soon going to be married to Aileen and they are certainly going to have a hole bunch of chicks.
Thank you Jane for the nice patterns and for this TIAS. It has been great fun. Hopefully there will be another one soon" 

Next in is Karen from ENGLAND who says this:-
"Hi Jane here is Norman finished at last, he has just asked if he can go and play with geraldines 'norman' as we live just round the corner from each other but had to say no as he's going to be baby sitting the children as the wife has gone off to find another tias :-) many thanks for all the fun and what a great way to start the year."

Next in is from Unarae in AMERICA.  She says:-
"Good Morning,  it is still early here and not quite daylight yet.  Altho Norman says it is late!!!  But not for Alaska. part of the USA... Will not be full daylight for another 45 minutes!!  We are gaining in light like 5 min a day..
 This has been so much fun.  Thank you for all the time and energy that you put into making this possible. 
Now Norman is a noisy bird and he needs some one,  or thing to keep him  busy!!   I dont see how any hen could resist him he is so colorful..  And forthwith  ta da  NORMAN!!!

 Now we have Sharren in AMERICA who pops in with her Norman.  Here's what she says:-
"Norman has been sighted in Greenwood!  He must be a bantam rooster (tatted with Altin Basak which I was using already in another project) as he is a little bitty thing.  He looks to be crowing -- wonder if something's got his feathers ruffled?
 I had to search for a darkish bead for his eye -- found this one that looked like a 'root beer' shade of brown in the room lights.  In daylight, though -- surprise!  It's purple!  Which actually goes fine with his tail colors.
 This was FUN!  I can't wait til your next TIAS!"

Now we have Jessica's contribution - she's in AMERICA and says:-
"first of all, thank you for the first TIAS of 2010! it was so much fun! i can't wait to see all the normans that come in and what glorious colors they'll be wearing!!!  i love the whole norman family that you made and i have to tell you that you are a genius pattern writer/tatter!! it really does amaze me! and to think how much tatting patterns have changed in the last century! all these modern techniques that allow us to make such inventive shapes and designs!!
i digress. i chose my colors because they were the only three i had in my very small stash that all went together, but to my surprise, my colors were quite appropriate for the pattern!!! this rooster and owner hail from the hill country of Texas, USA. so, finally, here's my norman, hot off the shuttles *meaning he hasn't been blocked and still has the end threads hanging off his back :D*"

Now we have Bernice who says:-
"Well here he is. This is the biggest project I have tried since starting tatting in November I think.  Anita, Yuma Tatter has helped me.  I know I made a lot of mistakes....some because I am using a needle. has been fun and I have learned a lot.  Thanks Jane.   Bernice, full time RVer  in Yuma, Arizona, USA"

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