Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday morning

First in today is a guess from Gale who says this:-
"I am not tatting it, but when I look at the samples, it looks like an ice cream cone with drips."
Thanks for taking the time to add more hilarity to the TIAS, Gale.

Next in is from Hope who says:-
"I did finish up last night- and roflol am learning to use the new scanner- what a bother- everything is new and different!!  My variegated thread was the gift thread from Tat Days called Sunset...   am using the seldom used Opera 20  #519   and it is tatting and frogging well."

It must be Sunday!!!  I was a little late getting out of bed and I THINK Isa must have been too as I managed to have my shower before she popped into my inbox!!!!  Can you spot any newcomers to the 'watchers'?  This is what she said:- 
"Hi Jane: Here it's TIAS day 6. I'm very ready to the next part :). I think it's a Turkey :).   Thank you for today. I send you my best regards in this Sunday morning to you and all the friends in the other parts of the world."

Next in on this fine and sunny Sunday morning is from - wait for it - Marjan who says:-
"Goodmorning Jane,  Here is day 6! I am exhausted, didn't sleep much this night.... why?

    A Wothi here, a Wothi there
    You see me everywhere!
    In  all the colours of the rainbow
    In the sunshine, in the rain and even in the snow,
    A Wothi here, a Wothi there
    You see me everywhere!!
This song Jane..... sung bij a Wothi with a voice…. doesn’t even deserve the name!!
Every minute she starts singing…. Can’t I sent her to Mars or Jupiter or lock her up
in the space station?? Please, please, please??

Next is Pamela's day 5 and here's what she has to say:-
"Here is my day 5, It looks like a jet propelled squid. can't wait to see what it looks like when it gets it's eye!"

Now we have Geraldine's day 6.  She says:-
"good morning jane, here's my day 6's. had a play around with them is it a multi coloured peacock? lol. still enjoying doing it any way.happy tatting"

Sorry, Sue.  I missed your message in my inbox earlier.  This is what Sue had to say, folks:-
"The link worked, the printer worked, and I worked, too.  My Wothi will be twins, albeit fraternal rather than identical.  I've completed another Day 1, a second Day 3, and the first Day 4, all on the road between the start of the journey in east-central Illinois and somewhere here in south-central Missouri.  Both Wothis are singing along, humming merrily as I work, and we all get to watch the scenery roll past, too.  Almost as good as a train ride, better maybe.  Looking forward to the next blog entry which I haven't looked for yet.  I will get a photo off to you this evening."
Hope to hear from you soon, Sue.

Now we have Jane's contribution of day 6.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, day 6 duly completed. I hope all my chains face in the right directions.  Much to my astonishment, my husband Jack asked me yesterday whether I'd guessed what the TIAS is to be. I didn't think he'd been listening that closely!! Anyway, I told him I haven't the faintest idea, that a person who could change flowers into a hippopotamus could come up with anything at all!"

 Right, I'm back after two hours of sticking motifs onto bookmarks for the Ring of Tatters.  Hands now washed of all the glue and brain raring to go on the updates!!!  
First in this time is Sonja who has a very profound comment to make:-

Now we have Lai Ellen's day 6 and she says:-
"I am so happy I have finally managed to catch up the TIAS till Day 6.  I am using Altin Basak 50 threads. Up till Day 4, I really thought it might be a hibiscus, but now I think it might be an animal with that bead for an eye, but I might be fooled."

Now a brief message from Bonnie who sends her day 4 and says:-
"day 4 from Cozumel but no cell service until back 2 Texas 2day  ... will ck online when get back 2 inlaws later 2day 2 c if i can open day 4 & 5"

Next is from Heather who says this:-
"that wasnt that hard just had to use my brain a little lol still cant seem to figure out what it could be?
I thought i messed it up at first? maybe I did who knows lol thanks"
Looks 'spot on', Heather.

Next in is from Hannah who says:-
"Here's day 6.....  It's lovely to see everyone else's colour ways and how everyone else's work is progressing.  - Will you show us your tatted ?!?!?!? when we've all completed it?"
Yes, of course, Hannah. 

Next day 6 is from Deanna who says:-
"Here is Day 6. I look forward to the day when joining a new thread will be comfortable.  Looks like the turtle had some babies."
Well, Deanna that join looks fabulous to me.  Well done.

Here we have Katie who seems confused.  I'm surprised as I thought people would've guessed by now.  Still this is what she says:-
"here's my rendition of Day 6 and, lacking Martha's and Marjan's vivid imaginations, I have no idea it is.  Just keep leading us around by the shuttle, my dear. I'm coming."

This next offering is from Elizabeth who says:-
"Here is my latest.  Hope it is right"

Finally today (I think) is Jane B who says:-
"I’ve completed Day 6 but like a Dilbert when I cut the excess threads I cut the other shuttle thread.  Oh well I will sort it when I come to do the next bit.
 What I am really really curious about are the names you are giving the pdf files.  Are Lucy Roder and Kirsty Milld famous tatters?!  I though maybe the names were alphabetical but they’re not.  Sorry it is just me being nosy.
 Best wishes and thanks for the fun I still can’t imagine what it is but am enjoying taking part J
 Looking forward to the next instalment."

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