Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday afternoon

Thought I'd start a new post as I've got more news on the Wothi from Marjan!!!

Here it is:-
"Hello Jane,
 Yes, yes!! I knew it, I knew it!!
It's a Wothi - not there was any doubt with me
but some of the other tatlovers were still not sure.
Anyway Jane, why not tell everbody that I was, from the beginning!,

the one with right answer? A Wothi...... yep!! and noboby can deny!"

Now we have Geraldine who says:-
"GOOD AFTERNOON JANE, well here's day 7's. i'm sticking with my day 6's prediction multi coloured"

After Marjan's post I emailed her to say I would change the rest of the TIAS to make sure it was a good Wothi.  She wrote back to say:-
"Thank you! But... you don't have th change anything, a wothi is a wothi no matter what you do!
it' s a Wothi... is's a Whoti... it's a Wothi!!
oh, and by the way, the WWW(Wothi's World Wide) convention
was a great succes!All the Wothi's worldwide will unite now.
And - this is something to be very proud of Jane - it all started with your TIAS....
 Marjan - I'm VERY proud!!!!

Next in is from Sonja who says:-
"Hello Jane. I still dont know what it will be. I love it"

Next is from Katie who says:-
"Hi, Jane, can't help crowin' as I send you my Day 7!"
What ARE you talking about, Katie?

Next in is from Shanan who says:-
"I have close up pics of this on my blog that shows the SLT a little better.  Can't wait to see what the next white section is going to look like.  This is just sooo much fun!!! 

Next is from Elizabeth who says:-
"Whatever it turns out to be will be cute."

Now we have Heather next and she has this to say:-
"ok to me its starting to look like a birdish type thing perhaps a swan or a peacock?  I love this its so fun and look still using the shuttles I actually havent picked up my needles in some time and I am not suffereing withdrawl YET lol"

 Another Heather now pops in to show her day 7.  She says:-
"Here is day 7 :)  having lots of fun, thanks."

Next popping into the inbox is Ann who says:-
"Here is my Day 7.  I'm clueless..." 

Next in is from Melanie who has been suffering from bad weather.  Here's what she has to say:-
"Hellooooo out there -  It's been storming the last few days. Good excuse to curl up and tat. However, I haven't wanted to keep the computer on and plugged in :)  Attached is my TIAS so far. I'm not sure it's a flower anymore. Peacock or perhaps Peahen sounds more reasonable. So, I'll wait until tomorrow to "see" if I can figure it all out!  Thanks for the challenge!"

Last in tonight (that's my night - GMT) is from Patsy who says this:-
"Here is my day 7.  My guess is a bird.  If my colors were different I would guess a chicken as it has comb on it's head.

But the first part has me puzzled.  With my colors it has to be an exotic bird from the jungle.  A cockatiel."

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