Saturday, 9 January 2010


Well happy Saturday one and all!!  Here's the first one into my inbox which is rather full this morning!!!
This is from IsDihara who says:-
"Sending in my day 2 attempt> This one tatted up quickly, a little too quickly perhaps? I've got to say , in size 40 thread, the day 2 rings were ridiculously small to make and I'm thinking of shucking the whole thing and starting over in size 20 or even size 10 (and I only have one ball of white size 10 in my possession). Will there be many more of these tiny rings? 

 I'm intrigued by the lengths of the chains and the pattern and sizes of the rings. Depending on how the next day or two works out, this has potential to be something extraordinary.
 P.S.  The mysterious (and sensitve) Wothi really must share with us more clues as to her (his? Its?) origin and species. The tease is a terrible distraction to inquiring minds. Marjan, please can we have a hint as to the lovely Wothi?"

Next is Mary who says:-
"Looks like day 2's TIA looks like a bunch of flying kites….LOL"

Cripes.  Even little sister's taking part.  I'm SO flattered.  Here's what she has to say:-
"Well decided to have a go with the cotton you gave be last year Altin Basak mainly because it was the only cotton I had that was pretty and varigated.  
Easy to follow instructions, mind you I'm so used to following your great patterns!"

Now we have SueAnna's in the most stunning green variegated.  This is what she says:-  
"Attached is picture of my day 2 of TIAS. Yeah for snow days!"

Next in is Anita's and she says:-
"Third time is charm... hope this attempt looks right  :-[ "

Looks totally and utterly perfect to me.  LOVE the colours too.

Last in this morning is from Shanan who has had a few problems!!  Un-wanted picots kept putting themselves in the way!!!  Let her explain:-
"Well, after untatting and re-tatting and cutting and re-tatting here is day 2.  I kept wanting to add picots where they don't belong!  Ring 11 still ended up with a small p, but after four attempts to re-open the ring and breaking thread, I just left it.  This ring was determined to have a p in it!!"

Another offering from Debbie who gives us links to threads too.  Now, Debbie, I'm trying to de-stash (use up!!) my threads - please don't tempt me!!!!
"It's not perfect but I did it!  I used a variegated, Rubi 40 m, from Brazil.  I purchased them from E-bay.  Their websites are:,  They have some good deals on lots."

Now we have Marco's offering and here's what she has to say:-
"here is my result from the first two days."

Now here's Tine's progress:-
"This is my Tias part 1 and 2.  Groetjes Tine"

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