Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Early Wednesday evening!!!

More coming in and this one is from Debbie who says:-
"Last night I tried to put my work up, but my computer wasn't cooperating.  And my picture wouldn't upload.  I had a nice paragraph and ready to send and my comp. crashed!  Aaarrrrgh!
So, I will try this again.

I am a beginner and just took Georgias class (I will definitely take it again)I am so glad that she has this class for us.  I will try to keep up with everyone here.  This is Fun!"

Now we have Hannah who's comment is:-
" Here’s my day 1 photo – can’t wait for day 2! "

Next to send her day 1 in is Isabel from Sweden.  I see her piece is being guarded carefully!!!  Isabel says this:-
"Hi Jane here it's my first part of TIAS. It's my first time I'm participate in your TIAS. I don't know what kind of beautiful creature or other nice things will be appear. But I'm in the play of TIAS. Thank your for your TIAS."

Not long before my bedtime and Chris sent in her day 1.  This is what she said:-
"Not the best picture, I'm afraid, but there's only so much one can expect from a camera phone :)  I started on a whim, as I found a small ball of some thread I painted in my bag while at work and I needed a break from the computer. This bit is finger tatted, as it used such small lengths; I'll have to bring a couple shuttles in as the days go by, with some other thread colors. I'll not guess what it is quite yet. This oughta be fun! :)"


Anonymous said...

Is it Wed. eve there already? Boy time flies doesn't it?

zita said...

congratulations, very good idea to work together.
Have belonged to the group of Wally Sosa. Tatting in Spanish.