Saturday, 15 February 2014

Day 15

Well this is the penultimate part of this year's TIAS.

Day 16 will be out on Monday or Tuesday. When the last part is published I will be asking you to send in where you live so we can all see where the @%&*$*(@!*^s are coming from!!! I will number each one as it comes in too so we can all keep a tally of how many have taken part this year. Last year the total was 127. I wonder if it'll be more or less this year. Whatever happens - I'm hoping to host another 'event' next year too.

Whilst I was snoring away Helene sent in her day 14.  Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane
Only two more days, hum, what else could this be?  I think I hear a foghorn blowing!  
See you tomorrow

Next in with her day 14 is Barbara who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Just finished my Day 14.  I've flipped my picture around and squinted at it; made it smaller/bigger.  Can't figure out what the mystery tat is. I'd say it's an abstraction ;-).  It's a word I learned today from looking at a painter's (Georgia O'Keefe's) interpretation of objects she say in nature.
Hoping for sunshine heading your way!

Well just as I was about to get dressed and have breakfast Isa popped into my inbox with her day 15!!!   Here's her comment and picture:-
"Good morning Jane:
From a windy day, here in south of Sweden, my TIAS day 15.
(the ice cream has melted and becomes a snail or ???)

Following micro seconds later is Wanda with her day 15!!!!
"Good morning Jane.  Here's day 15.  I don't know much about boats but I don't think it's coming together quite like one. I think it has a tail.  I'll see what everyone else is saying (my) tomorrow when I get up.
I am a bit confused as the written part only goes to 25 but the pattern shows 26.  Am I already dreaming?
Wanda in Kansas
aka tattrldy"
Oh, I'll look at that in a minute, Wanda.

Next in and after breakfast is Jane who says:-
"Hmmm, Jane, it's looking more like a sailing vessel than a pair of pixies!  I experimented with the joins on the second half of the split ring. Not sure
if that was a good idea. Happy tats, Jane"

Back again is Isa with a picture of her second TIAS!!!!
"Here me again with my second TIAS day 15. I can take my breakfast now :)
Happy Saturday and exited to see the last TIAS on monday ."

Next to arrive is Val who says:-
"am intrigued, jane. but what is it? a sailing boat doesn't have such curves, me think.
anyways, have an awesome weekend, and i look forward to the finale. 

Kristen is back with her day 15 and a great picture too.
"Hi Jane:
Only one more day!? How sad!!
Anyway, here is Day 15 from sunny Vladivostok. We hit 35 degrees (Fahrenheit) today--amazing! Makes one want to go sailing on Amur Bay?? Or maybe you'll surprise us all on the last day, who knows. :)

Sonja has just arrived and she says:-
"Hello Jane
Her is my day 15. It was not easy to connect the two parts, but it worked. I was not sure about ring 26, so I left it. It wil be a very nice sailing boat. Thank you for all the work you did.
Happy tatting from a very stormy Holland.
Yes, Sonja, BC3 had a bit of a brain storm and that ring 26 shouldn't have been on the diagram!!!  I've removed it now!!!

Shelley is the first in this afternoon with her comment and picture:-
"Only one day to go?  I am so glad you said you plan to do another TIAS next year. I am still enjoying my new habit of tatting for at least a few minutes every day.

Helen is next with her day 15 and this comment:-
"Hello Jane,
Had to be very careful not to attach the parts the wrong way! But I did it. Is it a hat?
Greetings Helen"
No, Helen, not a hat!!!!

Next to arrive is Muskaan who says:-
"Hello Jane & fellow-tatters 
Sending fotos of penultimate day with mixed feelings . Glad I'll get back 4 of my bobbins for other tatting But will miss the daily talent parade here ! I used to check many times during the day for updates.
Congrats to Isa, for her consistent 1st upload of the new day And in advance for the last day as well - who else can beat her to #1 ?! 

Firanghish is next with her picture and comment - here they are:-
"Very Good Evening Jane,
Very Very sad that 16 day is the last day.
Here is my 15day assignment.
TIAS  is ending but still can not figure out what are we tatting.
:'(  Firanghish"

Marla and Marty are next - well, I think of them as a team now!!!
"Halloooooooo there Jane!  
I do hope you haven't floated away yet.... We have been getting lots of rain too lately, but we have needed it so it is rather nice.... Kind of like being on the coast (My favorite place to be) only no ocean & the rain smells like mud.... :(
Marty's friend Olly the Mastodon stopped by to offer his help with the ongoing mystery.... Mastodon's have been around a looooooong time and have a lot of experience in matters of the world..... Olly says that this looks just like his old friend Sammy the Saber-tooth's teeth after eating a bunch of Saltwater taffy!
Who would have imagined it !!!  ? !!  I do hope Sammy has a good dentist!

Next to arrive is a new starter - welcome aboard, Sonja.  Sonja joined us for the first time last year and then forgot there would be another TIAS so has just started.  Here's her comment and her days 1 to 4:-
Sorry I forgot to take a pic after I completed day 3.  I was going to guess an airplane, but after looking at it again I have no idea. The picos on the third side do not support it being an airplane.
God bless,

Jo has just arrived with her day 15 and this comment:-
"Hi Jane
It's a ship!  Ok at the moment it's more the Titanic at the moment where it snapped almost in two, but it's definitely a ship and I'm sure it will be more seaworthy after the final part when we fill in that weak spot in the hull.
I added an extra challenge for myself today - two of my joins to part one are blipless joins.
Jo from the UK"

Fox always makes me smile!!!  Here's today's suggestion from her!!!
"Jane, you are sadistic. The directional horrors of today's T.I.A.S. had me clenching my teeth so firmly that I had shooting pains in my teeth and jaw. But, this led to the auspicious epiphany that had me solve the puzzle - it is A TOOTHBRUSH!
Really, how mundane. I expected so much more of BC #3. I remain,
Disappointedly yours,

Late at night for some of us tatters as umintsuru points out:-
"Dear Jane,
It's nearly 11pm Saturday here. Just finished today's tatting and can't wait to see the completed sailing boat.

Next to arrive is Lesley with her comment and picture:-
"Dear Jane
Here is my Day 15 sailing into your inbox; except I’m not sure now we’re looking at a ship, boat, barge, gondola or whatever...that would have been too easy!
However, my lateral thinking brain cell has burnt itself out and my spatial awareness BC has gone AWOL, after trying to envisage how those picots in the middle are going to be joined, so I’m just going to have to curb my impatience and wait and see.

Anne has just sent her day 15 along with this comment and picture.
"I admit it....I'm sad there is only one more day. This has been such fun and made me get interested in tatting again. :) when is the next one? ! Anne"
Well, Anne, somebody else may do another TIAS but I'll certainly be back again next January!!!!  BUT only if you promise to keep tatting in between!!!

Connie has mixed feelings about day 16 and so have I!!!
"Hi Jane,
Playing catch up again. I have mixed emotions about day 16.  Anxious to see the finished item but also sad it see the end of TIAS 2014 -- I have enjoyed this!!  
Thanks again for all of your creative energy!!!

Next to arrive is Susan with another rhyme and her picture:-
"TIAS day 15
and Jane is being very mean--
with only 1 more tat to go,
I shall miss it, this I know.
Thinking, too, I see a boat
And on the water we'll all float.
Or am I really out to sea?
Cuz Jane's as crafty as can be!

There's sunshine in my part of Ontario, and warmer temperatures for today. Hope there's sunshine on your way!
Hugs from Suz"

Marco has just arrived with her day 15.  She says:-
"hello Jane.
day  fiftheen !!!!!!!!!!!!!
greetings  from a very windy place
The English love to share, Marco, so we've sent you some of our wind!!!

Stephanie has now popped in with her day 15 and the following comment:-
"I'm torn in two pieces - on the one hand, I don't want it to end, this is too much fun.  On the other hand, I want to see how many people made a Whatzis and what colors they are and where they're from....and I want to see for sure what the completed Whatzis will look like.
At this point, I am 99 percent sure it is a sailboat, but BC3 could have a surprise or two even now.  I AM sure, though, that is has been a fun and exciting journey with everyone, going from 'empty shuttles' to an almost-finished Whatzis.  ;-)
Thank you ever so much, Jane.  ;-) 
Have a delightful weekend.
Big hug!

Caroline and her frog are next to arrive.  She says:-
"Well, this has been a long Day 15.  I missed the Ch 6 so had to get my frog out and get him started ribbiting.  He had quite a time as he had to undo 3 Split rings.  Then it seemed like I kept messing the second side of the split ring attachment up and he had to take care of several of them also.  I have let him go back to his lily pad to rest and hope he does not have to do much work on Day 16.  It sure looks like a sail boat but I cannot believe you would have it be so obvious.  We will see with Day 16.  Thanks for all of the fun.  Sorry to have it end but will look forward to next year. Caroline."

Judy has now arrived and she says:-
"Still think the little guy on the right is a little bird."

Next to arrive is Suzanne who says:-
"I do love the word 'penultimate'!  Worth extending deadlines; just to get to use it.  It is very sad that all the fun is drawing to an end.  I don't recall anything about slugs with camping gear in the Bible but, since I am quite determined not to follow the general consensus, I pronounce it an English garden slug who is sick and tired of all the rain you have had, and has taken to traveling with a tent.  The filly, now 12 days old, seems to think so too.  The only remaining question  is whether he hangs a wee Coleman lantern at the top of his tent pole to light the way (which could give it a more biblical twist - but that is really stretching).  Clue 16 will reveal all."

Martha has had a very busy few days and has now sent in her last three days all together.  Here's her comment:-
"Dear Jane,
Here's the latest TIAS, 3 days together.  This time's lame excuse: I neglected to take my TIAS (and a scanner) with me to work on Wednesday and spent the next 2 nights there. Came home Saturday around 1 am, now catching up on things.
I did take some tatting with me, but very little tatting got done in my time off, what little I had."


Heather x said...

Hello Jane from rainy England UK. I havent joined in because I havent learnt split rings yet....but I am following everyones progress......mmm looks like one of our hens with her baby chick ;-)

Have a great day Jane :)
Heather x

Lelia said...

hmmmm..... is this going to be a snail?

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, you have a beautiful filly.