Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tuesday and more!

Good morning world and yet another wet day ahead by the looks of it!!!

First in this morning is Angela who saysL-
Here is my progress for Day 13. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day!! :) 

Next in is Sue D who has had a problem getting hers to me.  See what she says:-
"Hi Jane
It's taken me all day to produce this photo!!  Took it earlier, and then.... got involved doing other things....  and promptly forgot to put it on the computer to send it to you!!  Judging by the weather over the last few weeks it's definitely going to be a brolly!!! LOL
We could certainly do with a few umbrellas, Sue!!!

Marie M has sent in the following comment which is interesting.
"Hi Jane,
I know that everyone is guessing "sail boat", but I 'm going out on a limb and say it is an "Ice Boat" that we are tatting as we all are watching the Olympics in Russia.
Marie    :-)"

Helene is next with her comment and picture.  She says:-
I'm sold and hooked!  Love your TIAS!  
I think, as many others say, that it will be a sail boat. Now what to do with this piece of tatting will be another adventure.
Hum, some vacation time is coming up, maybe I could just get on it and sail away.
Thanks for the fun.

Sarah is back with yet another rhyme!  How does she do it?
"Good morning Jane,  To quote the bard himself " behold the threaden sails" .   : -)  Have a pleasant day.  

Jane is short a few brain cells, it is said
But the one that is left in her head 
Has quite a flair
And is willing to share
Thus my tatting addiction is fed."

Bernice is the next person in my inbox with the following comment and picture:-
"Hmm, no new guess today just more split rings and patience as I wait for all to be revealed. Day 13 attached.
BerniceB "

Kristen is next in the inbox with her comment and picture.  She has this to say:-
"Hello Jane:
Here is my later-than-usual Day 13! I'm still not sure what this will be--I can see the boat and the butterfly both, but I'm betting you're not done with the surprises yet so I'll continue to "wait and see".  :)

Next in is Connie with days 12 and 13.  She says:-
"Morning Jane,
Finally catching up again ;)
Here is day 12 & 13!  Split rings are still fun - had a challenge with split ring 9 and 10 this go around. Rest of the split rings look ok. 
Looking forward to day 14!!
Thanks for the challenge!

I'm at the top of the inbox now and it's Lelia's turn to comment and show her picture:-
"Day 13 attached.   Perhaps a wing?
Lelia blogging at
Stitches of Life II"

Sorry for the delay in posting the next lot of TIAS's but I've been 'out and about'.  First in on my return is Maureen who says:-
"I still think it's  a Garden Gnome, even if he IS sailing - I hope his craft doesn't sink like a stone because there's a little glitch in the keel. I'm hoping to tat him an oar to keep him afloat."

Next is Emilia with her day 13 and the following comment:-
"Goodmorning Jane,
Like some others I think it will be a sailingboat. One with much wind in de sails.  I hope it sails towards a safe port.
Greetings, Emilia"

Susan is in next with her day 13 and another rhyme too.
"Hi Jane. It's a chilly morning here in Ontario with -17C, but at least the sun is shining. I hope it's dry today for you.

Thirteen bits of tatting
And I don't know what this be.
Only Jane's the wiser
And she's not telling me!

Thanks for the fun!
Hugs from Suz"

I really must recommend that you look carefully at Kelli's picture.  It's so clever the way she's put the name and day on the shuttle!  Here's her comment too:-
"Hi Jane,
Completely forgot to send along my picture yesterday. I think I was too wrapped up in my knitting! Anyway, here is my picture, if a day late.
Kelli in Oregon"

Now I  have Melanie's day 13 and she says:-
"Hi Jane-
I'm finally getting off my duff (or back in the saddle) and catching up. Here's my Day 13

Finally today I have Chantal's day 13 with a splendid rhyme too:-
"Dear all,

Hurray, hurray!
Watch this manta ray!
This great, beautiful  flat fish
Often ends upon our dish
But when this giant jumps from the ocean,
We all feel great emotion!"

No, this is the final one of the day - Nikki's
"Here is my day 13... I want to say its a boat but then it would be kinda skinny since the body is only 2 rows big... I want to say butterfly but then the bigger wing would be on the bottom... I'm so lost now lol"

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