Monday, 3 February 2014

Monday the 3rd February.

First of all - tomorrow will be day 11.

First in today is Melanie with her day 10 and this comment:-
I'm a bit slower getting this done and scanned and sent to you. I use as an excuse the sunrise. I blogged about it here.
Attached is my scan.

Now from Brazil and Grace comes this really cute picture and her days 9 and 10.
"Hello Jane!
Im back in Buenos Aires, tomorrow I started again to work. :-(  Im updating my Tias and take some photos with my doughter camera. Hope you enjoy this pics! Some of them are from my little cat named Aghata. She love to play with my homemade shuttles.
Have a nice week!!

Next to arrive is Misty from Ecuador with her day 10.  She says:-
"We woke up to some strange weather this morning:  a dusting of volcanic ash.  A volcano about 160 km away (Tunguragua) erupted yesterday, which is not strange as the volcano is very active.  But the ash has never come this far south before!  Well, it hasn't interfered with tatting! :)  So here are 2 pictures of my Day 10.
I wouldn't want to live anywhere near a volcano, Misty!!!!

The next person in my inbox this cold February morning is Marla who says:-
"Howdy Jane!  
Hope you're feeling up to snuff this fine February morning !  :)
Marty and I had fun tatting the day 10 addition.... but he was a bit disappointed that it really didn't give him much more to go on.... So he thought he would ask another friend....
Marvin was very glad to help out and volunteered his certainty that the mystery is most definitely a Rocket ship!  and not only just "Any Rocket Ship"... On no.... it is actually a Martian 'SP3C14L'!   He hasn't seen one of those since coming to Earth!"
You're just toooooooo funny, Marla!!!!!  There again - you could be right too!!!!

Denise has now popped in with several days in a wonderful shade of pink!!!  She says:-
"One image with all 3 days done. I am thinking pretty Christmas ornament?
Denise Royal"

Right - I'm off for a while to have breakfast and clear/clean up the kitchen.  There are a few more in my inbox but they'll have to wait for a while until I've done my 'chores'!!!!  Back later .......

Back again and first in this batch is Esta who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Attached is my 10. I enlisted the help of my mom and brother for my guess...and we had a lot of fun making suggestions! My favourite is a witch's hat and shoes. :)

My next visitor into the inbox is Alba who has this to say:-
"Jane, it looks beautiful, but I cannot imagine what will become of it. My husband says it looks like a bird. Let's    see... Waiting for day 11...
Happy week!
Alba Alicia
Tijuana Mexico"

Next to arrive is Connie with the following message and picture:-
"Hi Jane,
Sleeting outside - so now I can catch up -- here is day 8, 9 and 10!!
I don't know what to guess it is now, no longer see the zoo, or the sailboat or the garden of flowers - wait it could still be a garden landscape......
Thanks for the challenge Jane!!"

Following shortly after is Bernice B who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Now not quite sure where you are taking us. My day 10 attached.

Back with another rhyme is Sarah who must spend ages on these.  Here's her picture too:-
"Hi Jane, Happy February! We are one day closer to spring.
Sarah :-)

I make double stitches with bright collored thread
I do it the way dear Miss Jane has said
Though the full pattern I’ve not been shown
Bit by bit the design has grown
Jane continues to keep me in suspence
With each bit she does dispense "

Next in is Fiona who says
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 10, I think it looks a bit like a house. Hmmmm...
Fiona T  (one mad tatter)"

Finally in this batch is umintsuru who says:-
"Dear Jane,
I think it is a sailboat too. The flower motif are the port holes and the flags-the sails.

Back from the town and I've found that Maureen is waiting to be added to the blog!!!!  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Doesn't look much like a Garden Gnome now, does it? -  unless it's channelling Anne Boleyn, with 'er 'ead tucked Underneath her Arm..... that's if you look sideways at it - the other way up  turns it into a windmill.
I have to say that Day Ten has stripped me of all certainties about this project."

Next to arrive is Andrea who says:-
"Hi Jane,
I managed to catch up, after a very busy week ... 2 days in the Midlands and a day in London!  Also, my sister-in-law is very seriously ill in hospital (improving though), so haven't been able to focus.  I must admit, I was dreading the SCMR and did have to do it twice, but this time I succeeded without any extra help!! Yeah!  You have really got me flummoxed with this one ...I just imagine what it is going to be.  Great fun! Thanks x
Andrea "

Back from a visit to see a friend and I find Helen in my inbox. Hi, Helen!!!
"Hello Jane,
don't know how you do it! It is still a riddle what it might be. But I am stubborn in my believe that it is something from the kitchen that one can hold in one's hand.
I cannot see an animal in it, I rule that out.
Eagerly awaiting the next and last (?) piece. The plot thickens.
Greetings Helen"

Next to arrive is Tove who says:-
"Dear Jane!
Here is my day 10.
I really don’t know what it should be but still think it is something in 3D,
Regards from a foggy south of Sweden
Tove Karlsson"

Finally I've managed to get Caroline's picture to download.  Sorry you've had to wait, Caroline.
"Well, I am sure you are sound asleep and I am still up.  Someone a while back mentioned the Olympics and the more I look at this I think it may be a bobsled.  We are to get snow Tuesday into Wednesday.  They think it may be a lot this time.   Wednesday is to real cold again.  I wish the weather would make up it's mind.  Wednesday is  my shopping day so suppose it will be nasty.  
Caroline H"

Next to send in her picture and rhyme is Susan who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Today we have sunshine after the snow on the weekend. Hope you're having some sunshine, too!
It's TIAS on day 10, so I've been tatting again
As all TIASers  will do.
I've looked and I've guessed, and then I confessed
That I really hadn't a clue
But wait! Could it be? Is this where it's at?
Have we tatted an ear on the face of a cat?
The eyes are the flowers, though a nose I don't see.
My dear Jane I do hope you also agree!
Hugs from Suz"

Next in is another tatter who hasn't got a guess either!!!  She says:-
"No fancy drawings today and the bet guess I can come up with is that we are making a shuttle! Though that would be a bit ironic, I doubt that is really what it is... I think.I might need a nap!  Baby had a dr appointment today and I think it wore us both out.  However, no rest for the weary... I should really pit away the christmas decorations.  It is about time I think :-D"

Probably the last person in this evening is Bernice O with her day 10.  The last because I'm falling asleep in my chair!!!  She says:-
"TIAS day 10...A flower garden!  Bernice Odom"

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