Saturday, 8 February 2014

Saturday 8th February

Good morning, world.  Another windy, damp morning here but it's not raining - YET!!!!

First in this morning with her day 12 is Kelli who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Had a little too much fun with new pieces for my Etsy shop, but remembered that today was TIAS Day 12 just in time. 
I'm inclined to agree with some of the other TIAS participants that it looks like a butterfly.  Just waiting eagerly for the next clue.
Kelli in Oregon"

Next in is Fox with a lovely idea.  Wonder if she's right?
"Jane, I see in my calculations I may have been a tad impetuous, for I now so clearly realize that TIAS this year has not anything to do with either Hansel and Gretal or The Walrus and the Carpenter, but is so obviously a depiction of The Owl and the Pussycat. So obvious. So the answer. Glad that is settled.  :  )"

Sarah has come back with her day 12 and yet another rhyme!!!  Here it is:-
"Hi Jane, Still sailing along on moon light bay. Sail on, sail on. Have a lovely day.     Sarah   : )

I wanted to tat a little yacht
But I wasn’t sure that was the thought
BC3 to Jane imparted 
When this guessing game she started
With clever disguises
and tricky surprises
I’m never sure that what I think I see
Is what it will turn out to be."

Another colourful day 12 has now arrived from Firanghish who says:-
"Good Morning Jane,
I can not think what are we tatting, but we are enjoying."

Susan is next with her TIAS - she says:-
"Hi Jane, it's almost bedtime, but I wanted to send you my day 12 tat. Hope you wake up to blue skies and sunshine.
It's now 12 days of TIAS,
And a dozen days we've tried to guess
The puzzle Jane has made so well,
Not one of us can really tell.
So now I am on bended knee
In reverence to Brain Cell # 3!!

Hugs from Suz"

Barbara thinks she's got the answer to what the TIAS is too.  Here are her pictures and comment:-
"Hi Jane,
I'm so enjoying your TIAS. It continues to rain while I'm warm and dry waiting for the next clue. Tatted while watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.  Darn it, I broke the thread when closing SR#6.  It looks a bit wonky because of that and having to sew the ends into the ring.  
I'm going to guess that it's a sea shell - something like this one:
Florida Horse Conch

Finally in my inbox this morning is Lelia who says:-
"Dearest Jane:
Attached is Day 12.    I'm using Lizbeth size 20; color 644.
I am baffled by our end motif.   I have no idea!
Lelia blogging at Stitches of Life II"

Back from town and I find Sue D next in my inbox!!!  She says:-
"Morning Jane
I managed to do yesterdays offering whilst watching the olympic opening ceremony last night!!
Here it is."

Next in is from Helen who is sounding a bit confused which is, of course, good news for me!!!!
"Good morning Jane,
here is my next piece. Is it a butterfly? Yes I am getting all confused now.
Greetings Helen"

Jenni from 'down under' has now popped into my inbox with the following comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane.
Didn't realise I was so far behind!!
Using my night shift to catch up. Over 40C (104F) last few days with more to come. Even now at 3:34am it is still 31C (88F)...
No idea what this will be but I am loving it!! Thanks for starting these. Xx"

Wendy is next into my inbox.  She says:-
"I suppose I am now leaning towards the boat enthusiasts
Wendy "

Sarah has now arrived in my inbox.  She says:-
"Day 12 has me thinking that it might be a bee or something along those lines. If it isn't a bee,I think we should do one next. Wouldn't he be adorable?"

Next in is Anne who has sent in her day 12 picture.

Tove has just arrived with her day 12 and the following comment too:-
"Dear Jane!
Here is my day 12.
I have no idea; I will just wait and se.
Tove Karlsson"

Last one today and it's from Stephanie who says this:-
"Is it Day 12 already? 
I must congratulate you, Jane.  This year you are keeping us guessing until almost the last moment!  
There are still too many possibilities.  It could be a butterfly, a sailboat, an umbrella, or a shark, a seashell, or any number of other things.  Even taking into consideration the edges with and without picots, the number of days left, and the fact that each bit of the pattern is usually fairly small, it STILL could turn into almost anything.  My guess is the sailboat.  Or maybe the butterfly.  hmmmmm....but an umbrella is possible, too....or even a seashell.  I don't suppose it's the cow jumping over the moon, is it?  ;-)
Thanks so much for the ongoing fun.  
Have a lovely weekend.
Big hug!


Lelia said...

Thank you for hosting TIAS. I continue to be baffled by this mystery - enjoying playing / tatting along!

Tally Tatty said...

Congatulations ,Sarah for a great poem!